Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review The Balm Blush & Bronzer

Haiiii Pretties...
In my circle of friends especially friends in our beauty forum, this blush is so hype lately. Almost everyone have this. At first i'm not too interested because i doubt if its color won't show on my cheeks. You know, i'm a bit difficult to make the blush color appears well on me. i dunno whether it's because of my hormonal, my skin type or what. There's so many good blush out there which is shown so pretty well on my friend's cheek (Like NARS Orgasm, Benefit blushes and more) but not shown on me. Sigh...

So finally i found this The Balm products in Bazaar in Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta. I'm so surprise to saw them in real life, so i can try and try their products range. Wooowww i'm exciting!
Then i choose 2 blush and 1 bronzer. Here we GOOOOO...

Top: Frat Boy & Cabana Boy
Bottom: Bahama Mama Bronzer

L-R: Frat Boy, Cabana Boy
Bottom: Bahama Mama


- Cabana Boy:
it's a Bright Plum color with a hint of pink and this is has a shimmery finish. The shimmer isn't too over, it's just a slightly shimmer when applied on the cheek. It's Yellow undertone...

- Frat Boy:
it's a Light Peachy color with matte finish. It glides well when applied and if you give a 2-3 layered it'd be a bright peach with a hint of light orange

- Bahama Mama:
it's a deep muted brownish color and this is matte. The color reminds me of the clay/mud. Its texture is smooth and pigmented enough.

*My Honest opinion about this stuffs...
- The blushes is quite pigmented. Especially for the Cabana Boy! I just need 2 layer to show its own color payoff. And for the Frat Boy, i need 3-4 swipe.
- The blushes isn't chalky at all even when i took it with my finger, it looks a bit chalky. But when it goes to my cheek, it glides smooth.
- The staying power is good. It still stick on my cheek for 3-4 hours even my skin is getting oily.
- It comes with a big mirror. Perfect!

- This is a great bronzer because it's matte and it's not give a reddish effect that could make a fake tan.
- The texture is smooth
- It's a good muted choco-brown color. It's a medium brown, not too deep nor too light. 
- It also come with a big mirror.

What the main points that i really really like about this blush is... They have a very cool packaging. I love the vintage-pop art design in every The Balm products. Awesome!
Also, the blush and the bronzer isn't bulky. So it's good to bring along in my pouch.. Yay!

What i dislike about this stuffs? PRICEY! Hahhahahahaha....

Well, i give the point B+ for both blushes & bronzer
Will i Repurchase or buy another things from The Balm? YES! i wanna have Mary Lou-Minezer.... Awesome... ^_^


  1. Frat boy ama down boy lai happening banget kaya nya. Cakeep bener sih emang keliatannya, ngeliatnya aja seneng apalagi punya :D

  2. Caaatttt,,, mupeng sama cabana n frat boy-nya..
    Cakep amat yaa.. :s
    Btw, di indo harganya jadi brp IDR??

    Anyway, aku eva yang di group minisale.. :p

  3. Cabana Boy looks so pretty!! I just bought Bahama Mama but it's still on the way. Can't wait to try it on!

  4. Yesss... Cabana Boy is totally gorgeous! Warnanya tuh OK banget buat kulit Medium kayak kita gini Fi. Bahama Mama IMO siih cucok yaaa, ga orange pas dipake.

    Ephong: Udh yaaa tadi Via Cuicerr

    Dina: Wkkwkkwkwk iyaaaa Frat Boy caem emang!


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