Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review The Balm Blush & Bronzer

Haiiii Pretties...
In my circle of friends especially friends in our beauty forum, this blush is so hype lately. Almost everyone have this. At first i'm not too interested because i doubt if its color won't show on my cheeks. You know, i'm a bit difficult to make the blush color appears well on me. i dunno whether it's because of my hormonal, my skin type or what. There's so many good blush out there which is shown so pretty well on my friend's cheek (Like NARS Orgasm, Benefit blushes and more) but not shown on me. Sigh...

So finally i found this The Balm products in Bazaar in Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta. I'm so surprise to saw them in real life, so i can try and try their products range. Wooowww i'm exciting!
Then i choose 2 blush and 1 bronzer. Here we GOOOOO...

Top: Frat Boy & Cabana Boy
Bottom: Bahama Mama Bronzer

Monday, April 16, 2012

FOTD: Inspired from Sea Algae. Underwater...

i really like something fresh, something blue, green, silvery on my eyes whatsoever. I was inspired by nature. I like to see the beautifulness of the sea. i like to learn the underwater living. Colorful fishes, crinoid of the corals, the habitat of sea algae, and more. The're awesome so it's our duty as a humans to protect and conserve marine life. We couldn't living without them.

So today i wanna make a look inspired by the sea. It looks fresh yet dramatic when wear. It gives a glamorous but still bright for the eye.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FOTD: Sail... Sail... Sail Away! Nautical Looks

I was so inspired with Nautical looks lately. I think it has a very chic-casual-fresh nuance. I love the combination between the red, navy blue, white, and stripes. Yes, it would be sooooo chic if you wear a stripey shirt with a navy blue skirt and red pump shoes & bag. Ooowwhh!

So those cool combination was inspired me to create a look with the Nautical themes. Bu still, i made it with my own touch. I love something bold-vivid-solid-strong nuance. Especially for my eye makeup. And, i love to wearing black for my everyday looks. So i try to combine the Nautical Looks with something elegant, sexy, glam. Ha Ha Ha..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review "What's On My Pouch?"

Haiii Haiii.... Happy Easter everyone!
I wanna share with you all one of my everyday life. Yes, i wanna share about the stuffs that always with me whenever i go (Exclude traveling ^_^)

Basically i always bring a random stuffs on my makeup pouch. Depend on my mood that day means what lipstick color will i use, which blush will suit me today and more.. Hahahaha!
Well now i'm gonna post my random stuffs. This is what i usually bring with me lately.

My Pouch..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review GEO Princess Mimi Brown

Hello Everyone...
My another contact lens review comes from GEO (Again!) Hahahaha....
First of all, i grab this one from Shella Sanjaya so if you wanna have this, you can let her know and she will send you all the lenses catalogue by email. She's so nice and ready to help you..
So here it is:

GEO Princess Mimi Series WMM-30x

Spect :

Diameter : 15.00mm
Base Curve : 8.70
Water Content : 38 %

And here's ME using this lens...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Review PAC Face Painting

A few days ago (March 30rd 2012) I've been invited to the PAC new event. That Event's name is "Cirque De Beaute". They're launching their new range of makeup. Face Painting and 48 eyeshadow palette. Soooo yay! But i decide to grab the Face Painting first because this stuff is so interesting me.
The event was held in Ritz Carlton Grand Ball Room, Pasific Place 4th floor. The MC were Ivy Batuta and Vonny. And there's a demo makeup using this Face Painting & 48 eyeshadow palette by 4 gorgeous Make Up Artist. Adrian Suryapradipa, Teddy Lim, Jacque Uzzardi (France), & Jul Henry (Australia).

So, here's my PAC FACE PAINTING...

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