Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush on in Fresh Coral

Yesterday, i was going to Guardian with my friends. Suddenly my friend show me this blush at Maybelline booth at that store. And she told me that the blush is pretty good. She had a shade Fresh Rose which is it's pale dusty pink. Wew, i'm not gonna grab that one.

I wasn't too impress at first. Because of the packaging isn't too interesting and they have a lack of color shade. I only see 4 shade on the rack. Uh! Too bad, because like i always know, Maybelline has so many range of makeup in US, UK, etc. But here in Indonesia, beside their products collection are very limit, and they're also not up to date with their real collection like in US, UK and many more.

So after i was thinking and move around inside the store, then i decide to try this one. I choose the shade "Fresh Coral" and hope it'll good on me. Because i dont see the tester itself. Bah!
OK, here's the look..
well, i dont think it's CORAL. I think it's bright deep PINK. Can you see it? I see there's no Coral on it.  Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush "Fresh Coral" is a bright Pink with a Yellow undertone, and matte texture. Ummmm, Yes maybe it seems a bit Coral in some case. But IMO it's just a hint of coral than the real product itself (Its named "Fresh Coral" on the pan). i still see from my eyes that this is bright pink (OK, with the hint of coral). Hahhaha..
Here's my honest opinion about this one...

- Smooth! This blush is very smooth. It feels like a velvet when touched my cheeks. Oh damn good.
- Not powdery, and Not chalky.
- Well-Pigmented.
- The color is pretty damn good. It looks like a SLEEK Flamingo Blush on my cheeks. Very warm pretty Pink.
- The staying power is So-So for a bargains. It stay good on me until 4-5 hours
- The PLUS point is, this is semi-waterproof. haahahha... I mean this blush is sweat resistant. I'm not lying and i'm not kidding, this blush still stick on me cheek when i washed it with water....
- Easy to blend
- There's no strange odors come from the product. Yay, that's fragrance free or something!
- Super Cheap! It's IDR 42 in Guardian Store. So, what do you looking for more? Good thing with a good price. TeeHee...
- The packaging is BAD and JERK!
- The Green round plastic outside is too wide. Maybelline could possibly reduce the green area of the packaging and reproduce the content of its products.
Ok, here's ME using this blush....

It looks so sheer. Because of the lighting... Sorry dont look clearly in this picture.

I give the Point 3.5/5 for this blush. This is quite pretty for the drugstore product. 
Will i Repurchase this again?
Maybe YES for another shade... Hehehehe....


  1. I love this blush, pigmented and affordable :), but the packaging is really suck, lol

  2. Hahahhaa.... Iyeeessss, the packaging is so UGLY! Looks so cheapy
    But I can't ignore that this is good things

  3. aww the color is so pretty! It Looks good on you :D


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