Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review Make Up Store Blush On in Frozen Daiquiri

I've been trying a many blush on whether it's mine or my friend's blush. From the drugstore blush until the high end one. I like blush on, because it can instantly make me feel fresh and pretty *Blushing*
Every blush has its own plus and minus point. And my favorite blush is a matte or satin finish. I'm not a big fan of shimmery blush. Because, i have an oily skin so shimmery thing didn't made for me...
My favorite blush comes from:
1. Sleek --> It's super pretty blush. Affordable price. And long lasting on me
2. NARS --> The color is awesome and its product isn't too heavy on me
3. Illamasqua --> The colors are unique and has a smooth finish

So then, i wanna give a try and review about MAKE UP STORE BLUSH in Frozen Daiquiri. Here it is...

When blend well...

One thing that i really impress about this Blush is this is super pigmented blush i ever seen. WOW! When i see the color in the pan, i was thinking "Wew,, it's so bright. How does it look on my skin?" And when i swipe it, this blush was amaze me a lot... Super Pigmented!
Make Up Store Blush in Frozen Daiquiri is a Deep Bright Coral Blush. It's a warm blush and after use on my cheek, i can see a hint of pink on it. Its texture is Satin with a hint of shimmer finish. It's not too shimmery. There's NO chunk of glitter here. 

So, here's my review...
- Super Pigmented. You must apply this blush with light hand. If it's not, the blush will stick too much on your cheek
- The staying power is awesome! It can stay last on me during 6-7 and up while i have very oily and wet.
- The color is unique and so bright. It can freshen up your face..
- The price is in the middle. It cost approx IDR 250 ( i forget the right price..)
- The consistency of the color is good. Not oxidized at all
- Sleek packaging. I love every black packaging

- It's hard to blend. You must tricky when applied and you must pick the right brush to use this. I used Coastal Scent Black and Hot Pink Angle Brush, Sigma F40, and Make Up Store Angle Blush Brush. Flat top brush didn't work well with this.
- A bit difficult to wear in Very pale or Fair skin. Because its color is too way out. And it will looks unnatural in a NC15-25 skin

Well, that's my honest opinion. Maybe some people don't like this because i admit that this blush is really hard to blend. Dunno why but that's what i feel. You need a right brush and tricky hand when use it. But after you seen the color on your cheek, you can smile all day long because of its consistency and staying power. It won't fade out, it won't give a color payoff and whatsoever....

Nb: In the picture above, it shown the reddish color. But IRL is a Deep Bright Coral with a hint of pink.


  1. Oh wow, it's so bright!! Corals aren't for me but I can imagine this looking pretty on darker skin!

  2. YupYupYup....
    Basically, this is good stuff. This could be coral-y or pinky on my cheek. But, this blush is hard to blend. I swear! If we're not use the right brush, this could be left a blotch/circle/clowny shape on the cheek

  3. bagus mbak, warnanya.. make up store products nyarinya dimana ya? thanks * kiss


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