Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review GEO Cafe Series in Waffle Lens

I grabbed this good things a few days ago... GEO Cafe Series in Waffle Contact Lens!!! Yay.....
Why i want this one? whereas i already have the grey color lens (Yes, i have 2 grey lens). Because of its pattern. It has a unique pattern of the lens. It looks like a mosaic, or tile, or like a waffle as said? Hmmm, i think it's more than a mosaic than waffle itself. Hehhehehe

I bought it at Tomato Online Shop and they have a special promo until this March. "Promo Price Hike Market". You can get 2 pairs of lens ( GEO Princess Mimi/Cafe Series + GEO Xtra [but not include GEO Xtra Nudy & Xtra Flower] ) just IDR 175. Wooww,,, That's a best deal right?
So here it is...

DIAMETER : 15.00mm

Look at this unique pattern... It must be pretty when use... ^_^

So here's ME using this lens...

My Honest Opinion about this contact lens:
- This lens is wide. It gives an enlargement effect for my real eyes
- It looks so Oomph & unusual in the pan, but it's turn to be so natural when it used
- The color is combination between gold (in the centre of the lens) and grey
- This lens has a thin surface
- It's blend well with my real eye color. It makes my eyes looks wider, bigger, and depth
- It looks so natural in daylight. Very wearable for daily use.
- It's quite comfortable when used. I used it all day long from 12am-02pm Wew... That was a long long time right? And it's still comfortable to used even it's a bit getting itchy (my eyes was hit by dust while riding a bike with my BF)
- It didn't make my eyes dry or redness

What i dislike about this lens:
- Perhaps because this lens has a big size, i feel like there's a lump on my eyes. It feels strange and a bit annoying
- You must clean it properly well if you wanna stay away from itchy-ness or redness. Because you may feel uncomfortable if your eyes not clean. Hhaahaha, yeah yeah i'm sure that every lens need this step. Not just this GEO Cafe, OK skip this point LOL!

At the end, i would say that this lens is quite comfortable. If you dont have any problem with your eyes / sensitive eyes, you probably try this one. GEO Cafe Series has a kind of things like Cappucinno, Macchiato, Waffle, and Latte. They all have a natural color, natural pattern, and natural finishing looks.

I give the point 4/5 for its convenience. Because as used in the sensitive eyes like mine, i still feel that this is quite comfy. Especially if it use on you who has a normal eyes or the eyes aren't sensitive, this lens will be good to have.

If you wanna purchase some lens in Tomato Online Shop (By Facebook or Website) just let her know by giving her the code "CatraSamoedro" to get 10% discount.
But the discount can't be combined with the other promo (Like i said above about the promo)...

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