Monday, March 5, 2012

Review + FOTD GEO Super Nudy Brown XCH-624

Haii Everyone....
I like to wearing a lens. Because i feel like there's no frame around my eyes like i'm using a glasses. Even though my eye is a bit sensitive with the contact lens, but i never give up to try a new lens from one brand to another. I have minus 4 for my right eye and 3.5 for the left. Basically i have a cylinder 1 on my both eye. So i raise 0.5 if i'm using a lens. But if i wear a glasses, my minus is 3.5 (Right) and 3 (Left) and i wish it won't rise again ^_^.

I have a new contact lens. It's been a long time i wanna try this one. It's GEO Super Nudy Brown XCH-624 series. I bought it from TOMATO Online Shop and i really like it! They sell so many kind of lens. But mostly it comes from GEO. Even that TOMATO has also sell Vivian, EOS, and Barbie.
So here it is...

GEO Super Nudy Brown, XCH-624

IDR 100.000
Minus Until 9.00
Spect :
Diameter : 14.80mm
Base Curve : 8.60
Water Content : 38 %

TOMATO gave me this cute animal lens case. For FREE... Yay!!! When you purchase it, you get a set of its lens and the case.

It's a bright brown with a hint of honey tone and has a natural pattern on it. 

So, here's ME using this lovely lens...

I'm using MAC Studio Fix Powder in "NC40", Urban Decay 24/7 Glides on Pencil "Zero", NYX Powder Blush on "Spice", & Make Up Store Lipstick " Mauve Berry"

Ok, Here's my honest opinion about this GEO lens i have...
- I love love love the color. It's pretty honey brown lens and blend well on my natural dark brown eyes.
- The motif gives a natural look in the eye. Not give a doll effect moreover anime effect. Nope, it's natural
- It gives an enlargement effect of my real eyes. But it don't give a dolly look because of its pattern.
- I have a sensitive eyes. But this GEO lens is comfortable to use. i already use this for about 3hours (From the time i wear it until i write this blog..) and my eyes not hurt or itchy or dry.
- It's bright on me in outdoor, and it's become deep brown in indoor. Very wearable. I liiiikkeeee this one...

My final opinion is this GEO lens is good product. If you find a natural-non dolly lens, maybe you can try this. Contact TOMATO Online Shop HERE for their collection. 
Well, They have a promotion for bloggers. If you purchase a pair of lens from them and make a review on your site/blog, so you will receive another lens for FREE.... WooooHooooo..... Great things! Right?

NB: If you wanna purchase contact lens from TOMATO Online Shop (from their website, coming soon) or by Facebook. You will get disc 10% by let them know if you know TOMATO from me. My code discount is "Catra Samoedro" or my site's name... ^_^


  1. kak catra cakeeep banget si super nudy di kakak, kliatan natural.. aku pake yang non nudy aja udah guede banget .. mataku cuma seuprit :D

  2. Cakeeepp deh coklatnya.. softlens di mata kamu bagus yaaaa.. :) aku pernah cobain softlens cokelat malah aneh o.o

  3. Vicky: Hehehe,,, makasih darla ^_^ Actually daku ga tahu loh beda nudy sama non nudy. Nggak ngeh bedanya apa. Ini asal pilih aja, sesuka motifnya & nanya2 nyaman ga dipakai. Eeeehh ternyata lumejen. heehehe

    Gabby Pali: Hihihihi masa aneh gmn? Basically as long as you're happy dan PD, semua pasti terlihat bagus kok. You must know apa yang kamu suka dan pas buatmu....

  4. hahahaaa .. aku salah nulis kak maksudku non super :D LOL

  5. Hwaa cantik banget Cat! Apalagi dipaduin sama lashes nya, keren! Jadi pengen nyoba.. tapi mata gw silindris.. jd ga bisa pake softlens yg lucu2 gitu. hiks..

  6. kak ini kandungan airnya dikiiiit banget.. mulai kerasa kering setelah berapa lama pemakaian???

  7. jadi pengen pake geo nudy lagi gara2 liad review kamu hehehehe


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