Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review + FOTD GEO Nudy Grey CH-625

Today i'm gonna show you my new contact lens sponsored by TOMATO Online Shop Soooo Yay! Yesterday Tomato has sent me this nice contact lens. So now i wanna give a try and how does it look on me..

GEO Nudy Grey CH-625
Diameter 14mm
38% Water Content
Avail until minus 8.00

Again and again, i've got this FREE Cute animal case. Now it's a cutey bluey elephant...

This is ME using this lens...

Ok, here's my honest opinion about this lens...
- The Grey color looks so pale and soft when not in use. So light grey color with a soft ordinary-nudy pattern. I almost didn't see the line of tendrils on its pattern. It's too soft
- But, when it used, the grey color has change become a very pretty color but still give the natural looks.
- Its color really blend well on my natural-brown eyes
- It doesn't give the effect to the eyes become wide and large. Maybe it does, but not too significant. It almost same as my real eyes.
- This lens has a very thin surface. So you must be careful when rub it, clean it and using it. If you don't want it to be torn. Heheehe... ^_^

What i dislike about this lens...
- Basically this lens is quite comfortable when used because of its thin surface, so i feel like i'm not wear any lens. But, after 3-4hours to go, my eyes getting itchy, feels like a lump and a bit dries. So, i must prepare the contact lens cleaner and the case. I usually clean the lens (i put it off from my eyes and rub it with the cleaner) if my eyes have felt uncomfortable.

Uuummm i think that's the thing i don't like about the lens. Well, behind of its weakness, i like the rest of it lens. It's pretty when used, quite comfortable and wearable. Like i told you in my previous post, i have a sensitive eyes especially when i was using a contact lens. But, GEO product can works well on me compared to the other brand. It can held on me until 5-6 hours or even more.

So if you're looking for a natural, comfortable, thin contact lens, Grey-ish eyes, and not too dramatic lens this will be good for you. The color is not too bright even when in outdoor. So, it won't look scary at all. And, it's probably can give an enlargement in who has a small eyes, slanted eyes, narrow eyes shape like Chinese or Japanesse people in general. But if you have a wide & large eyes, it will looks normal like your real eyes.

What i was using in the picture above...
- Monistant Face Primer
- Baviphat BB Cream for oily skin
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NW30"
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- Bobbi Brown Blush on "Nectar"

- MAD Mineral Gel Liner "Blackout"
- Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara "Black"
- NYX Brow Cake Powder "Black/Grey"

- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge "Powder Pink"


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