Friday, March 16, 2012


Helloooo.... Thank God It's Friday! Yay ^_^
If you follow my blog, you'll know that i'm craving with the circle lens lately. I always wanting it more and more, trying a different color from a different brand. I dont care whether it's comfortable or not. Hahahhaa.... Kidding!
Today i'm gonna make a review about EOS BLYTHEYE Lens. This lens has a high rave from everyone. Everybody told me that this lens is Super Duper comfortable to wear. So, i'm curious and i dont think twice to order it. I bought this lens in Dreamie Chuppa based in Indonesia. The seller is nice, and she's ready to help us if we want to ask before we buy. She also want to spent her time just for chit-chat with us as a costumer or friend. Nice right? Hhehehe...

So, here's the look...

Diameter : 14,8mm
BC : 8,8
Water Content : 52%
Origin : Korea
Colour : Grey, Brown, Blue, Violet, Pink

Minus available : Minus 50 - 700. 
0,50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700

Price: IDR 125

Minus 4 (right) and 3.5 (left)

Look at this beautiful purple color.... Yummy!

So here's ME using this lens...

Look at this... Look at this....
I LoooooooVeeeee the purple color. So bright, So pretty, So intens. It looks more beautiful in a real life. The color payoff looks a little dim in this picture, because of the light and something else.

Ok, this is my honest opinion... Jeeennggg Jeennnggg!
- Actually this lens is comfy. But, maybe this isn't made for me. I'm not feel comfortable using this lens. My eyes getting itchy and redness. I feel like there's something 'strange' in my eyes. Especially when i'm on my BF's motorcycle. I feel like my eyes was very sore then it's became watery. Hiks..
- But, i can say this lens is comfy if i wear it just for 2-3 hours not more
- Actually this isn't quickly dries, but in my eyes this not works well. I always dripping an eyedrop for a several times during use this lens. Hah!

Ok, then what i like about this lens..
- The color!!!! Awesome. Very pretty purple...
- Its surface it's quite thin. So it's probably fit on you if you dont have a sensitive eyes
- It's brighten up my eyes, and make it more a bit bigger than my real eyes
- Although the color is purple, but i think this is wearable. You can use it for daily because it still looks natural in daylight / natural light.

Ok, if you wanna purchase this lens, just let her know. You can grab this pretty cutey lens at Dreamie Chuppa. She sell so many kind of lens' brand...
Have a Nice Day People.... See You! *Kiss*

What i'm using in the picture above...

- MUFE All Matt Primer
- NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation "Sand Beige"
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NW30"
- BBPR "Pale Pink"

- ELF Mineral e/s Primer
- NYX Single e/s "Frozen Lilac" & "Black"
- LT Pro single e/s "ES 08"
- Prestige Total Intensity e/l "Powerful Purple" for waterline
- Maybelline Studio Liquid Liner "Black"
- NYX Brow Cake Powder "Black/Grey"
- Falsies

- NYX Matte Lipstick "Summer Breeze"
- BBPR "Powder Pink"


  1. waaaa unyu unyuu~ :D kak catra lagi ketagihan soplen korea nih critanyaa .. hahahaha tapi knapa g enak ya kak padahal cakep bgt looo~ udah direndem sehari sblum dipake kak?

  2. Ehehehheehe..
    Iyaa abis daku susah nyari soplen di pasaran kayak freshkon, freshlook gitu. Nah ternyata soplen Korea juga ada yg enak ada yg nggak. Dan ini termasuk yg gaenak di aku. 7 dari 10 bilang enak, dan aku 3 diantaranya...

  3. warna nya cakeep...(*o*)
    pdhl eos terkenal enaknya, trnyata gak semua org sama yaa..hehe
    aku sih blm pernah coba eos...:p
    geo sama barbie enak2 aja di aku, tp cm tahan 5 jam, lwt itu pasti merah..hiks2..

    ohya, lips nya cakeep...tuh nyx matte ya? review doonk...bagus ga tekstur nya?? :3

  4. mau tanya, beli falsiesnya dimana? bagusss ;)

  5. hi mau nanya dong eyelashesnya beli dimana sih?naksir banget T.T thanks pls email me

    thanks :*


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