Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FOTD: Adele? Nay... Cleopatra? Nope...

Haiii Everyone....
How are you? Well, the due date of my time trial thesis more closer. Pheewww,, my heart can't stop beating. Between my hectic day, (still) i took the time to having fun. Whether it just dating with my BF, go to Salon, or playing with my makeup. Hahaahahaa...

Ok, since the last Grammy Awards and the famous singer Adele won and get a tons of trophy, i often saw in Youtube or other Beauty Blog, people has made an "Adele Look", "Adele inspiration", "Adele themes", "Adele Wannabe"(Eh?) Hahhaha... So, just for fun i wanna try to make Adele's look. But Eeeerrrr i feel like i'm out of like her. Buahaahahahaha ^_^ so different. But gimme a try...

Hahahhaha... i'm kidding. I dont wanna make an Adele Look. Maybe this is i called "No-Makeup Makeup" Look. Nude. Pale.

The Products I used...
- Monistant Chafing Gel Primer as a base
- MUFE Duo Matt "#205"
- MUFE Camouflage Concealer Palette
- NARS "Laguna" for contouring
- NARS Blush On "Amour"

- NYX Eyeshadow Base "Skintone"
- Urban Decay NAKED Palette
- MAC e/s "Phloof" for highlight browbone
- UD 24/7 Glides on Pencil "Corrupt"
- MAD Mineral Gel Liner "Blackout"
- Prestige Total Intensity e/l Pencil "Black" for waterline
- Maybelline Mascara "Black"
- Falsies

- Wardah Exclusive Lipstick "Rosemary"
- Make Up Store Matt Lipstick "Cutie"

Actually, i hate my new bangs. That's too short. Aaaahhh i thought i was look like "Dora the Explorer" than Adele. Gah!

Well People....
Have a Nice Day ^_^ I wish my bangs will growing faster. Hahhahahha


  1. Waw, Wardah Rossemary Cakep ya di bibir kamu. Jadi pingin juga..

  2. eciye, berponi.*salah fokus*
    Lucu kok, you look cute with the bangs :)

  3. Ah cakepp.. :) love your blue lenses! Merk apa say? Cakep deh pas di kamu.. ^^

  4. Sekararum: Hahahhha iyaaa Wardah bagus. Texturnya enak bgt dibibir wlpn sedikit stain saat dihapus.

    Looxperiment: Yoooiiihh, dan ini mas2 salonnya salah potong aja loh. Jadi asimetris poni eike...

    Gabby Pali: Aaahhh thx jeng... Lense-nya merek Korea2an gt namanya "Princess" kalo ga salah

  5. cakepnya :) Blue lens-nya juga cocok banget^^


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