Saturday, January 7, 2012

FOTD: Colorful Cat Eyes

Saturday Night...
i dont have a plan for going out. So, let's post this look. Actually i made this about a few days ago. But there's a probem with my camera's connection so i can't transfered it to my laptop.

Saturday night is identical with something fun, happy, full of laugh, full of joy. So complete your night with a colorful-bright-sexy-edgy eye makeup. Be dare! Be fabulous! Be the centre of the stage...
Then, ready to Dance...

Ok, so here's the Look...

The Products i used...
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light "#03"
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
- Sleek Blush on "Rose Gold"

- NYX JEP "Milk" As a base
- PAC Pigment Color "Gold" "Blue" & "Pink" (I forget the right name/number...)
- Sleek Acid Palette
- MAC e/s "Phloof" in my inner corner
- MAD Mineral Gel Liner "Black"
- Prestige Intensity e/l "Balck"
- Max Factor Lash Effect Mascara
- Falsies B733 from Make Up Tools Shop

- Revlon Lustrous Lipcolor "#125"

*Tips by Me*
If you use pigment or loose eyeshadow, better to apply it wet. Beside of avoid the fall out, it will make the color more vibrant. Use the water which contain of Glycerin ( ex: Visine Eye Drop). This technique name "Foiling". This is a good way to make your eyeshadow (Especially pigments/loose eyeshadow) to stay longer on your lids.

Hahhahaha.... i feel like i'm so Silly!

*I'm so sorry for the bad light. The light from my room is not good for taken picture. And i took it at night.. So, the color didn't show up perfectly....*


  1. Aahhhh ThankYou So much Chino...
    Actually this light is too bad!

  2. Bagus banget make up nya :D Ku follow blog nya ya ^^

  3. bagus make-up matanyaaaa...btw aku lagi ngadain giveaway yg disponsorin Lancome :)

  4. Gw suka make upnya sis. Blognya ku follow ya :)

  5. Haiiiiii Hana...
    Boyeeehhh silakan Follow my blog. Thank You so much yiiaaa... Nice to meet You!

  6. Haha that silly face is so cute :) very pretty as usual!

  7. Wowwwww, make up nya keren keren semua. so bold. suka deh kamu berani banged main warna warna eye shadow

  8. Pwincess: Hehhehhe.... Kuncinya cuma satu Darla... Be dare and Be confident. Selama dikau nyaman dan hepi dalam bermain warna, everything will seems pweettiiiiee...


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