Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

HeLLoooo,,, How's your holiday?
Hmm, You know, it's not that easy to find the good and match bronzer. Especially for me. Because one thing, i don't like shimmery, pearly, sparkly, or glittery bronzer. I like matte bronzer. And, i'm a bit difficult to determine the color of bronzer. I don't want if its too orange (It can makes you look fake), or too gold-y (Or if you wanna look like a Gold Statue). I want it the middle. Not too deep but not too light bronze.

i was trying so many Bronzer (Or something stufs that i used to contouring) like NARS Laguna Bronzer (For me this is too light on my skin. I feel like i'm not wearing anything), NYX ChaCha Tango Bronzer Stick (The staying power is not too good. Easy to disappear), Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium (The deep brown one is too reddish and muddy, and the highlight part is too gold. Errr...) etc.

So then i found this one and i think this is a good stuffs. Maybe this isn't the best, but i like it. Here it is...
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer!

What i like about this product...
- It smells so yummy. Pure chocolate. i feel like i wanna eat this...
- It has a matte texture
- It has a good chocolate/brown color
- Not muddy. Not chalky
- Easy to blend
- Good for contouring face
- Cute packaging ^_^
- It comes with a big mirror

What i don't like about this product...
- Just fit for fair & medium skin color (Maybe it won't show anything for dark skin)
- Pricey... It's about IDR 278 and it's Sale price. Imagine if this is not SALE! Hiks...
- Must be applied several times if you wanna show the color
- The packaging is bulky. Not travel friendly

Will I Repurchase this again? Maybe NO. Because it'll take a long time to finish it...
Will I recommend this stuff? Uuummm.. Yes for the fair to medium skin color. Or, if you like the product with a smell fragrant maybe it will fix for you.


  1. I love Too Faced!! I have the Sun Bunny bronzer and it's just lovely! It's shimmery though, so it might not be suitable for your taste. MAC has a pretty good matte bronzer too. I want to try it next.

  2. Haiii Fifi..
    Yes, i like Too Faced. Besides their packaging are cute and the products is good.
    At first i wanna bought the Sun Bunny one. But yes, it's shimmery. Actually i like it but i was searching for something matte. Sun Bunny was great, i've read it at your blog.

    MAC matte Bronzer? What's it name? It sounds interesting ^_^

  3. I may have to check this out! Not that I need another bronzer to save my life....haha :D

  4. This is Must have item, Darla...
    It's matte and it's good for contouring. Especially if yu have a fair skin.
    You better have this. Grab it... Grab it... Hahhahha


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