Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm So Sorry

Haiiii All....

It's been a long time i'm not post anything here. I'm so Sorry, because a few weeks ago i'm too busy for moving house and whatsoever. And my new house don't have an Internet Connection. My Area still don't  include in my local Internet provider (ex: FirstMedia) coverage, so i can't install the internet in my house.
So bad...

Now i'm trying to using the Modem for the Internet. But the bad news is, the modem isn't Unlimited (Restricted by quota) and it's going so slow. So, i can't upload photos (Especially with the big size) or my quota will run out just like that.. BAD!

So, i will try my best. I will handle everything as much as i can, so i can post my FOTD or Products Review again like usual.

So, thank you for always coming to my blog. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  1. catraaaa... long time no see..
    kemana aja bu? sibuk job make up ya?
    trakir baca statusmu yg makeup in pas married nya dewi sandra itu.. pengen tau hasilnya deh.. di post dong say :D

  2. Haii Sheilla...
    Iyaaa gw sibuk pindahan, dan rumah baru gw gada koneksi internet. Skalinya pake modem, lemot bgt...

    Iyaa kmrn daku ga sempet foto2. Udh capek bgt mekap dr subuh smpe jam stngh8 pagi megang 12org-an...



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