Thursday, December 29, 2011

FOTD: Nu Yirr Parteeh....

Stay a few days left we will welcome the year 2012...
Many of us make a wishlist, resolution of 2012, planning, and many more. So, what's yours? Mine? I just wanna graduate from college as soon as possible. Get a Job. And spreading in makeup industry... Amien!

So, here's i wanna make a look for New Years Party. May of you who celebrate New Year with a lot of fun things. You can go to Rave Party, Pajamas Party, Cooking and baking together, Praying together with family, etc. Mine? Still i dont have any plan. Hahhhahaa...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

HeLLoooo,,, How's your holiday?
Hmm, You know, it's not that easy to find the good and match bronzer. Especially for me. Because one thing, i don't like shimmery, pearly, sparkly, or glittery bronzer. I like matte bronzer. And, i'm a bit difficult to determine the color of bronzer. I don't want if its too orange (It can makes you look fake), or too gold-y (Or if you wanna look like a Gold Statue). I want it the middle. Not too deep but not too light bronze.

Friday, December 23, 2011

FOTD: Santa Clause is coming to town...

You better watch out...
you better not cry,
you better not pout i'm tellin' you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town,
he's making a list checkin it twice,
he's gonna find out whos naughty or nice,
Santa Claus is coming to town
the boys and girls in toyland will have a new physiqe
there gonna build a toy land all around
the christmas tree.
You better watch out you better
not cry you better not pout i'm tellin' you why
Sants Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming
Santa Claus is coming
he's coming to town...


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hello Pretties...
How are you? i wish everything is OK because just left a weeks we're gonna have a long holiday.
just stay few days to Christmas for those who celebrate. Yay! And now i'm gonna make a Christmas look which identical with glamour, fabulous, elegant, and holiday. So i pick the combination of Gold and Black color for the eyes. And i'm not wear a nude lips like usual. I choose the mature-deep-glam lips to completely the overall looks.

Well, prepare your holiday with your favorite dress. Makeup for making you stunning. And prepare your heart to receive a good things in your life. Because the good season will coming your way. And i wish you all Pretties will be a fully bless...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review Illamasqua Blushes

Actually, i had long been this two stuffs. But i just had time to update and give a review about this blushes. This is pretty blushes. I really like it ^_^
Yes, It's Illamasqua Powder blush in Hussy & Illamasqua Cream Blush in Promise.
I recently bought this in Valent's Shop at Femaledaily-MarketPlaza. Its prices about IDR 250 or something (Sorry i forget the price..)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation

Last week i dropped in Max Factor's counter at the mall in town. And before the day, the MF's SA text me that there are a new arrival in every counters. So yay! I'm so exciting to hear that. So then i was going to the mall and Hey... They had their new foundation range and lipstick.
Its named "Max Factor 2 in 1 Ageless Elixir Foundation" (I'm gonna review the lipstick soon... Promise *Wink*) Its said, the new foundation has contain of serum. It can prevent signs of aging in the face. It sounds good, right...

You know, Max Factor really works on me. I had their 3 different range from them. Miracle Touch, Lasting Performance, and Ageless Elixir. Why? Because for me, MF gives a good results. Without any cakey, flakey, unnatural, etc. It gives me a matte finish but not dead matte. The staying power is good, and it didn't make me break out. Plus, it's affordable price. Yay!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FOTD: Acid 80's

Welcome Back...
I'm trying to post with my new Internet modem. I wish it will be faster as i wish...

Well, Have a Nice Day, Pretties! Here i wanna share with you all about My Bright Eye Makeup. Inspired by the Youth 80's generation who dare to be colorful, fun, neon, funky, eerrrr....
This look is good for complete your bright day. Use it for Summer, or if you wanna have a special daytime. Don't be afraid of trying, experiment, and be fun with it...

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm So Sorry

Haiiii All....

It's been a long time i'm not post anything here. I'm so Sorry, because a few weeks ago i'm too busy for moving house and whatsoever. And my new house don't have an Internet Connection. My Area still don't  include in my local Internet provider (ex: FirstMedia) coverage, so i can't install the internet in my house.
So bad...

Now i'm trying to using the Modem for the Internet. But the bad news is, the modem isn't Unlimited (Restricted by quota) and it's going so slow. So, i can't upload photos (Especially with the big size) or my quota will run out just like that.. BAD!

So, i will try my best. I will handle everything as much as i can, so i can post my FOTD or Products Review again like usual.

So, thank you for always coming to my blog. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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