Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review SLEEK Nude Collection

Hey... Hooo
Today i'm going to Dewi's house ( Owner of Make Up Brush Shop FB ) for picking up my Lovely New Blush. I was craving and curious about this blush for so long time. At first, i dont intend to buy, but after i was googling for so many times, i thought i must have this blush. Yeay!
That's from the new range of SLEEK cosmetics, they're "Nude Collection" edition. The collection contain of Blush, Eyeshadow palette, and Pout Polish. But i decide to not take the Pout Polish one, because i see that the color is too sheer. It won't good on my lips. Except if i wear that above my lipstick.
So, here's my haul...

Nude Collection from SLEEK (Minus the Pout Polish)

 Without Flash...

With Flash..

The Swatches...

Without Flash...

With Flash...

 Over the Laura Mercier Eye Base "Wheat"
With Flash...

Row1: Nougat. Nubuck. Cappuccino. Honeycomb. Toast. Taupe
Row2: Conker. Moss. Bark. Mineral Earth. Regal. Noir
Without Flash...

They are amazing!!!!
The blush is look chocolate with a hint of dark peach in the pan. But when i swipe it to my finger, i can see the muted-matte-peach show it off. I think this is pretty.
For the girls with a fair skin, maybe this is good to contouring face too. Because the shade is a bit deep for they who has a fair skin. And medium & dark, this is good for blush..

What i like from this stuffs is...
- It's Cheap! The blush is just IDR100 and the palette is just IDR150 with a good quality products.
- Easy to apply and easy to blend
- Pigmented!
- The color is so wearable. Perfect for everyday use.

What i dont like from this stuffs? Eeeerrrr maybe nothing ^_^
I really like this stuffs. Nothing else,,, I love this!

In my Opinion, SLEEK Suede Blush from Nude Collection is similar with NARS Dolce Vita. But the difference is the Suede is soften than Dolce Vita does. Suede has a muted-peachy color, and Dolce Vita has a deep pink rosey with a hint of light terracotta. On my cheeks, Suede is more pretty because it gives me a blushy-flushed effect. And Dolce Vita gives me a very strong and powerful looks....

Well, i will swatches the palette soon. Now i'm a bit sleepy and tired *BigYawn*

NB: According to my promise, i give the swatches of the palette.. i put it above.
Some people say, this Suede blush is also similar with NARS Madly. But i dont have madly one, so i can't compare....


  1. cat.... ngiler aje sama palette nyaaa..... huhuuuu, demen banget liat yang nude-nude macam naked begitu.... di nanti colek2 swatch palette nya.... wehehe

  2. Huuuy Rani...
    Hehhehehe,, gw beyom colek2 niy esedoonya, ntar pasti tak jadiin FOTD using this palette.
    Iya emang cakep kliatannya,,, ga sabar pngn nowel.

  3. I may have to get Suede, as colours like Dolce Vita and MAC Blushbaby are just too red for me! Thanks for the swatches. :)

  4. Yes like i said in the post, you may better choose the Suede one. Bcoz it's so pweetyyy.....
    Basically Dolce Vita is also pretty, but maybe it will suits on NC45 up. For me, DV is too red.
    And Suede is perfect for nude-no makeup-mod looks. Hhehehe

  5. Toss dong .. gue juga punya keduanya. Okey ya warna2nya :D . FOTD Cat yang nude2 gitu

  6. Jeng Jule Maniez....
    Siap!!! Dengan segera akan tak buat FOTD dengan Au NAturel... Hohohohoho


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