Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review Haul from Etude House

Hey... Hoo...
If you follow my blog from the first time, you can notice that i never used Asian products (Like SKII, Skin Food, Etude, Lioele, Shu Uemura, Kose, Kanebo, Shiseido, etc). I just have one Shiseido lipstick and Baviphat (Korean stuff) BB cream, and Shu Uemura eyelash curler (Must have items!)
So, a few days a go, i went to Plaza Senayan and i stop in Etude House. The store is near with Hero Supermarket, Bakmi GM restaurant and under the escalator. After i was looking around their products, my eyes stop in the eyeshadow area. i was trying their many kind of eyeshadow, one by one, and then i was falling in love with this baby...

Etude Look At Eyeshadow (Eeerrr,,, is it true its name is that? Hahhaa...) has a many colors. i love the golden chocolate one, but in the end i choose the purple and purplish-silver. The SA let me try the e/s in her back hand, and before i try the e/s, the SA put the e/s base in her hand. And i saw that e/s base is soooo good. But it's pricey enough in counter. The e/s is IDR 98 each (In the counter) and the e/s base is IDR 95 i bought the e/s base in here Chic-Princessa

They are the Etude Look At Eyeshadow and Etude Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer... yay

 Etude Proof 10 eyeshadow base
With natural light...

 L-R: Etude e/s Look At "Silvery Gray" & "Purple Berry"
Bottom: Etude e/s base Proof 10
Without Flash...

With Flash...

 The texture of Proof 10. Not too thick. Lightweight

The e/s over the Proof 10 comparison

*My Review
- The e/s color is so pigmented. The color is so intens & solid
- Easy to apply on the lids
- They have so many option of colors
- Easy to find everywhere. They avail in Dept Store
- The motif of the e/s is cute. Hearts everywhere ^_^
- Not bulky...

Proof 10 Eyeshadow Base 
- Absolutely rave product!
- It makes the e/s stay longer on the lids
- It makes the e/s color more vibrant
- Easy to blend
- Waterproof
- I think it's good as UDPP does. But for me, Proof 10 is better than UDPP.
- Good for sensitive eyes

Eyeshadow & Eye Primer
NOTHING! They're both so damn good. Recommended!!!

I really like this stuffs. The e/s base is absolutely gorgeous. The e/s color is so pretty as well.

Will i Repurchase this again? Of Course YES... Especially the e/s base.. Love it!
Rating: 4/5 for the eyeshadow
4.5/5 for the eyeshadow base


  1. wow itu eyeshadow nya menarik sekali ya~ shimmer nya over gak?

  2. Dilla: Haiii... itu esedonya bagus kok.. Shimmernya justru malah kliatan mewah, ga lebay gitu.. hehehe

  3. the proof 10 base is my HG! lebih suka bahkan dr UDPP hihi. lebih murah. Wah jauh juga ya harganya kalau beli online, di counter skitar 120rb kalau nggak salah inget. udah pake member pula..


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