Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Makeup Job: Adis & Leru's Pre-wed Photoshoot

Hai Everyone...
Today i'm going to my friend's sister house to makeup her for her pre-wed photoshoot. We will take a picture in the house, and i'm sure it will be good. Her house is in Pondok Ranji, Ciputat.
The photoshoot is running fast and fun. Because each brides is easy to direct, and they're enjoy it. The photographer's name is Reza Esnir, and his asst is Rizal.
Here's the picture...

The Photographer, Reza and Adisti

Adisti Session I with the green eye makeup

Adisti Session II with the purple eye makeup

 Adisti & Leru, her future husband...

What products i was using to Adisti...
- Loreal Base Magique
- Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation "Bronze"
- MUFE Camouflage Concealer Palette
- PAC Foundation "10" & "01" for shading & highlight
- NARS l/p "Desert"
- MUFE Duo Matt "205" for touch up
- PAC Blush on Palette --> Mix together
- SLEEK Contouring Kit "Medium"
- NARS Bronzing "Laguna" for contouring jawline, cheekbones
- ELF Shimmering Whip "Lilac Petal" as a highlighter in apple cheek, nose bridge, brow bone

- Coastal Scent Smokey Eye Palette
- Sariayu 25th ann Eyeshadow Palette
- ELF Duo e/s "#01004" (Dark Grey/Light Grey)
- Maybelline Gel Liner "Black"
- NYX Glitter e/l pencil "Black"
- MUFE Smokey Lash Waterproof Mascara "Black"

- Revlon Lipstick "131" for session I
- Revlon Lipstick "468" for session II
- NYX lipgloss palette "The Perfect Everyday Color"

Well, i'm so tired but HAPPY....
I will post the real Pre-wed photo soon. The picture is still in Reza's camera. He promise to send me the photos in Thursday. So i can post it here.... I wish the photo will be good... Yay! Can't wait!

The Photoshoot

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