Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Hai Everyone...
Today i'm not gonna post something about the usual review products or FOTD, but i'm gonna share a tips about makeup daily... Hope you'll like it ^_^

*Tips By Me*

1. Choosing The Right Foundation
I know, choose the right foundie's shade is a very hard part in the makeup world. Because foundie is the one of a complexion which is it's essential and important. If we're wrong when choose the shades, then our overall makeup will be mess. Ok, how to choose the right shade?
- Know and learn your undertone (Yellowish or Pinkish) and skintone (Fair, Medium, Dark, Golden, Olive, Espresso, etc).
- Know your skin type (Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive)
- What coverage do you want to get? Sheer, Satin finish, full coverage, matte, etc.
- Choose a shade which near from your real skin color. It's OK to choose one shade darker (if you dont wanna be so whitey) but dont more than 2 level from your real skin color (Or, you'll look fake)
- Try the foundie tester on your face. Remember, on your face. Because the color between in your face and in your back hand is different whatsoever.
- If the counter has a yellow lighting (Like in the studio makeup), ask the SA to switch it off. Because the yellow lighting can give the unreal effect for our makeup
- Try the products in natural light. Better if you can try underneath the sun light
- Give at least 10min for your skin to feel how the foundie works. Is it good? Or make your skin redness, etc
Important: Try the foundie in your bare skin. Dont over makeup...

2. Choosing The Perfect Concealer
Concealer has an important role in makeup. It can cover the imperfection on your face. So how to choose the right one?
- See the imperfection on your face. What is redness, wrinkles, dark spot, dark circle, etc..
- Choose the texture of the concealer have. What is creamy, liquid, stick, etc.
- Orange color is made for hide the dark circle or eyebag
- Green color is made for hide the redness or pimples
- Purple color is made for lighten up your pale skin. Or it can be used above the orange color
- Darker color than your skin is made for hide the wrinkle or laugh lines
- Lighter color than your skin is made for makes your face more subtle

3. Choose The Good Powder
Powder (Loose, compact, Two Way Cake) has made for setting the foundation to keep smooth, settle, smooth, and also hold the oil.
- Loose Powder
This is the best type of powder. The texture is so smooth, light, easy to blend, but have a good results for our makeup. Everybody have to have this on their makeup cabinet. This is essential. Must have item!
- Compact Powder
Usually, people use this type of powder to touch up. After an hour, the skin usually re-produce the oil. So, compact powder has made for re-touch and blot the excess oil in our skin.
- Two Way Cake
This is the powder which is contain of foundation inside. So practical. if you dont have much time to makeup, just apply this and Voila... You'll looks instantly fresh!
- Finishing Powder
This is last used after makeup. The Usefulness is make our overall looks more perfect. Finishing powder is usually shaped look like a loose powder with a hint of shimmer on it. Why Shimmer? To make our makeup become dewy and subtle glow

4. Choosing The fabulous Blush
Basically, there's no a big rules for choosing blush on. Whether for its texture, or the color itself, It depend on what kind of blush do we like? Is it powder blush, cream blush, or even bronzer. Just have fun with blush on, as long as you love it..
- Powder blush is the most famous kind of blush. It will give a smooth, fresh, dewy finish and also easy to blend.
- Cream blush. Like the name, its texture is creamy. If we're not accustomed to using it, it won't be pretty on the cheek. You will looks like a clown *Kidding...* So, maybe you need a foundation brush or stippling brush to help it. Or, if you still wanna use your finger to apply, note the following ways:
+ Take a little amount from the pan
+ Dot the blush on your apple of the cheeks from inside to the way out (near to the ear)
+ Blend it all with a circular ways. Dab a little and dont swipe it out, or you'll get the harsh effect on the cheeks
+Then build the color again if you feel the color not pop out yet
- Bronzer
This is popular lately. Because bronzer is functional, you can use it as a blush, tan looks, or even contouring (shading) your face's shape.

5. Choosing The Good Eyeliner
I know, eyeliner is a small stuffs compare with the others. But it's the one of the essential part of makeup.
Eyeliner can give the extraordinary effect. Your eyes can looks wider, bigger, sharpen, dramatic, bold, pretty, or even scary... LOL!
The Variety kind of eyeliners:
- Pencil
This is the basic type of e/l (Eyeliner). This type is most easy to use. Usually, its texture is creamy, and smooth when glides. The best way to wear this is Pull the tip of the outer corner of your eye, and start from the middle of your lash line,  then proceed to draw a line from this part of the eye towards the outside.
- Liquid Liner
For some people (So do i :D ) this type of e/l is the most difficult type to use. You need a settle hand when glides, if you're not, you won't get the good sharp line on your lash line, the line will look wavy and messy. So, the good way if you still wanna use this is Draw the line with a pencil first, then re-apply with the liquid liner. Maybe it's better than using the liquid liner alone...
- Gel Liner
This is the best type of e/l ever!!! Why? Because its staying power is so damn good! Long lasting, waterproof, smudgeproof, easy to use (Better than liquid liner does), dry faster, and also the color is more solid. The best way to use this Gel Liner is using the small angled brush (Ex: MAC 266 Brush), pointed tip brush (Ex: Sigma E05), Bent Eyeliner Brush (Ex: Sonia Kashuk bent liner) or small precision brush (Ex: ELF  Small Precision Brush)

Okay, i dont wanna talk about eyeshadow, lipstick/lipgloss, and mascara. Because those three stuffs is really.. really free to explore. I mean, you dont need any guide, or steps to wear 'em. They're both so easy to choose and easy to apply. It all depend on what kind of eyeshadow colors or lipstick colors, or mascara (Waterproof, washable, etc) that you like... Their colors are sooooo much! There's no rules on it. Very fun part in makeup world..
But one thing that you have to know before applying eyeshadow is DONT EVER FORGET TO USE e/s BASE BEFORE. Why? Because:
- E/s base can make your e/s stay longer on your lids
- It can make the color more vibrant & solid
- It won't make your e/s crease especially for an hour

Okay, Thank You for reading ^_^ I hope you guys enjoy it... Love yaaaaa

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