Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review NARS Cream Blush "Cactus Flower"

Haiii Everyone...
This is my 1st cream blush from NARS. i've read so many review about this one by the world wide beauty blogger. And i think i like it, when i saw the swatches in the google and beauty blog. So, i ordered this at Qei Lara FB yesterday and i've got IDR270 (about $29 maybe) and here it is...
Then, I was a bit shocked when i see the color in the pan. Wow!!! It's true red... So red... Warm orange if you wanna deny if it's a red! Hahahaha...

The swatches...

NARS Cream Blush in Cactus Flower is quite pretty. The color is a deep orange eerrrr i think this is a bright red with a hint of gold shimmer.

*My Review*
- Easy to blend
- The texture is well-blended. Not too thick but not too light
- Feels comfort when apply to the cheek. Not greasy at all
- Pigmented
- As the other NARS products, the packaging is sleek and it comes with mirror

- The shimmer is a bit annoying. IMO this is too much.
- Basically, i'm not a big fan of red blush. And this is really red on me. i didn't see a slightly of coral color..
- Very glow. Very... very glowing

Well, that's my opinion about this product. If you like a rosey-orange-terracotta blush, maybe this will suits on you. But i don't like how does the red works on my cheek. I feel a bit weird. I feel like this is the kind of a heavy cheek makeup.
But, it's better if i add loose powder over it, so the red color will more softer than before...

Will i repurchase this again? NO. Me don't likey the red blush on..

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