Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review My Mini Haul from Make Up Brush

Hello Lovelies...
It's been a long time i dont post anything about my weapons. Hahhahaha,, yeah, lately i always post about FOTD and mostly mine was talking about Visit Indonesia. As you all may know, my country was so inspired me to make a looks based on the Indonesia's culture, nature, and everything.
So well, now i'm gonna review about my babies, and i hope you'll enjoy it ^_^

First of all, i wanna introduce the seller. The OLShop is Make Up Brush and she's exist in Facebook. The OLShop's owner is Dewi. Dewi is such a good seller. She's kind, fast response if you shopping in hers, and the prices isn't too high.

Here's my Haul... *Love*

Coastal Scent Synthetic Angled brush. SLEEK Life's a Peach blush. SLEEK Contour Kit in Medium. Sigma E45 Brush. Coastal Scent Bionic Wide Buffer Brush. Coastal Scent Black & Hot Pink Angled Kabuki (Centre)

Without Flash...

The Swatches!
 SLEEK Life's a Peach Blush
With Flash

Without Flash...

 SLEEK Contouring Kit in Medium
With Flash

Without Flash...

My Review...
1. Coastal Scent Synthetic Angled Brush
At first, i wasn't too sure about the quality of this brush. Even though i've read review about this and it said that this brush was good. But it's look like a cheap brush. I mean, the packaging, the overall looks didn't show this look like a premium brush. But when i tried this, i think i like it. The bristle is soft, and the point plus is this is good for shading and highlight (Contouring). It makes me easy to see apply the shading in my hollow. And it creates the good shading shape on my face.

2. Coastal Scent Black & Hot Pink Angled Kabuki
This is my love at the first sight. I love the shape. I love how does it looks. And, i more fall in love when i tried this one. Just one word... Perfect Kabuki! I was using this for applying blush. But actually you can using this for highlighter or contouring. It makes my blush on glides well and stay perfect on my cheek bone. And this is easy to use...

3. Coastal Scent Bionic Wide Buffer Brush
This brush is huge. And it's flat top. The bristles are very smooth. And this is good for applying Loose Powder. Apply the l/p on your face with a circular motion, and gently pat on your face area. Don't rub it hard, because it will make your pores huge.

4. Sigma E45
The other name is "Small Tapered Blending Brush" This is very good for applying e/s in the crease or outer-V. If you wanna make a smokey eyes with wings effect, this brush is right to have. A tapered brush tip make me easier to glides the e/s from Crease or outer-V to the hollow.

5. SLEEK Blush on "Life's a Peach"
It briefly looks similar with Pantao does. They come from Orange color family but Life's a peach is more bright than Pantao. Its texture is matte. Without any shimmer. The color is so fresh, even it isn't too pigmented as a Pantao does. You need to swipe it 2x, the the color will show. 

6. SLEEK Contouring Kit in Medium
SLEEK has 3 shades of the contouring series. But i choose the Medium one, because i think this is fit for my NC40 skintone. It makes the good shape of shading (in the cheek bone), and also perfect for the nose bridge. It comes with two different contouring shades. First, the matte dark brown, second the shimmery light gold. Very pretty... It will be more easy if you apply this one with big tapered brush (Sigma F25 or F35) or round top synthetic kabuki brush (Sigma F82)

- The Cons...
Overall, i love the brushes. There's nothing i dont like with the brushes. Actually i want a different blush on color from the Pantao i had, but Life's a peach is another pretty orang-coral blush. They just similar, not the same...

Well, Thank You Make Up Brush by Dewi for the nice greeting. I really happy to shopping in her shop and i enjoyed the time when make a good deal with her... She's funny ^_^ Hhehehhehe...

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