Monday, September 19, 2011

Review Max Factor Creme Puff Powder

I bought this compact powder because my friend suggest me that this powder is good. The best point from the powder is its price. It just IDR50 comes with the big pan. I choose the color 05 Translucent, which is it's suit on my medium skin. It could make me look flawless without trying too hard. And it feels light on my bare skin. So here's the picture...

 With Flash...

Without Flash...

What i like about this powder...
- The texture is smooth. And it blend well on my skin
- The price is super cheap! It just IDR50 (about $6)
- The staying power is good enough. Especially if i apply this after Foundation & Loose powder first
- The pan is big, so it will takes a long time to finish it
- This is good for everyday use, because the formula is light

What i don't like about this powder...
- The packaging is totally bad. Made from plastic and not modern like the other brand does, and it's easily broken & easy to scratch. Yaaiiksss...
- Bulky. The shape isn't 'makeup pouch' friendly and it's easy open lid. I mean, the lid isn't tightly
- It's not comes with mirror. Eeerrrr....
- It's not come with good sponge. So i must use my own sponge. Which is mine is more thicker and it's more hard to close the powder's lid
- The smell isn't good!! It reminds me of my grandma's old cosmetics. Very old! It scent like a rose, and not very modern... Blah!

That's my bare face using Max Factor Creme Puff #05 Translucent. I'm not wearing any foundation, concealer, face primer, etc. Just my bare skin & the powder...

The Products i used...
- Clinique Dramatically Moisturizer Gel
- Max Factor Creme Puff Powder #05 Translucent
- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge "Pale Pink" as a blush

- NYX JEP "Strawberry Milk" all over my lids
- NYX Studio Liquid Liner "Extreme Smokey Gray"
- Maybelline One by One Mascara "Black"
- Prestige Total Intensity e/l "Black"

- OCC Liptar "Pageant"
- MUFE Lipgloss Lab Shine Star Collection "S4"

Will i repurchase this again? YES! Nevermind about the scent, packaging or whatsoever. It's cheap and quality is good...


  1. pengen liat kalo udah dipakein di wajaaah...

  2. SeverusLovez: Okay, akan gw tambahin foto gw pake tuh bedak, tanpa foundation tanpa apa2... Wait yoo... Stay tune. Hahhhaha

  3. Your lipstick totally steals the show in this post. :)

  4. SilhouetteScreams..

    Haha! Fuschia lips... there ya go!


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