Monday, September 26, 2011

Review Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Lipstick

YuuuuHuuuu.... ^_^
You know what, i'm a big fan of lipstick. Almost everyday if i'm going out i always wear lipstick. I have so many lipstick with a variety kind of textures. Matte, Amplified, Satin, Creamy.. But my favorite texture is Amplified. Because it can cover my lines on my lips, the dark pigmentation caused by smoking (So now i already stop smoking since Sept 2010.. Yay), or uneven lip color.

Well, when i found this lipstick, i was fallin' in love at the first sight!
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Lipstick...
That's so good, so great, so awesome on my lips. It's full coverage lipstick. The color is so pigmented and solid. What you see in the tube is what you get on the lips.. Perfect!

 L-R: #30, #31, #28, Matt5, Matt2
With Flash...

 L-R: #30, #31, #2, Matt5, Matt2
Without Flash...

Without Flash...

 L-R: #30, #31, #28, Matt5
Bottom: Matt2
Without Flash...

L: Matt2. Up-Down: #30, #31, #28, Matt5
With Flash...

My Review:
- Easy to glides
- Very Pigmented
- Full Coverage
- Doesn't make dry lips
- The staying power is good
- Don't leave marks at the glass, tissue, etc
- The texture is rich. Creamy. Amplified
- Easy to find, it's available in major Dept Store in town...

- Pricey T_T Hiks.. IDR235 at the counter
- For the matte lipstick, its texture is very... very matte! So if your lips are in unhealthy condition, it will make it cracked and chapped.
- For the matte lipstick, it's a bit hard to glides. Because it's so MATTE!!!

Will i Repurchase this again? YES!!! i really love how they works on my lips. I love the coverage, i love the color, i love how does it feel, and i love everything about this baby.... Hhehehehe...

My Favorite shade is #30... Perfect warm soft pink!!! Love,,,


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