Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review Make Up factory Mat Eyeshadow

Yesterday, i was going to Glow Plaza Indonesia and suddenly i found this mat e/s from Make Up Factory...
In their mat e/s, they're have 8 range of shade. But just 4 shade that available in Indonesia. So i choose the color #10 (Walnut Brown) and #39 (Soft Cream). They're IDR110 each..
When at the first time i saw this e/s, i'm not thinking to use them as the e/s, but i think they're good to use as contouring (Shading & Highlight). Its color is so solid. For me, it's to dark (#10) to use as an e/s. Even i can use it for the crease, but still it's too dark. And the color #39 it's perfect for highlighting my nose bridge, and chin.

 Without Flash...

 With Flash...

*My Review...
- The texture is so smooth
- Easy to blend
- The matte texture is pure matte, no shimmer at all, no satin finish
- the packaging is quite big
- Velvety effect on my skin
- Not chalky

- The shades isn't to variety, dark colors only
- If you wear it as an e/s, you really need a e/s base. If not, the color won't pop out

will i repurchase this again? Maybe YES in another color. But i think it will takes a long time to finish it..


  1. I'd love to see a look where you've used these to contour and highlight :)

  2. Haaiii.... ^_^

    Yes for sure i will make a FOTD with this two eye shadow as a contouring.. Anyway, will you please to exchange link with me... i've put yours in my blogroll. Hehhehe...


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