Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review Loreal Base Magique Smoothing Primer

A few times ago, i went to Dept Store and i bought this HG face primer. You know what it is? Okay before we talking too far about my HG Haul, let's talk about face primer first.

Face Primer.
As the name, face makeup primer used as the basis of the makeup. It is used before foundation-concealer-loose powder. What is the use of that Face Primer?
- It can smooth your skin, prep your skin to get the perfect makeup
- Makes the foundation stay perfect on your skin
- To shrink pores
- So that makeup is more durable, stay long on your face

Do we need a face primer before makeup? I can say YES. Why? Because it's can also protect your skin from the foundation's ingredients. We can't deny that Foundation has a heavy ingredients no matter how advanced the technology while making it. Because, the main function of foundation is to cover our face from all the imperfection (Like dark spot, wrinkles, pimples, etc). So, it's not possible that the foundation's ingredients is more heavier than the other (powder, blush on, lipstick, etc)

So, here's my Holly Grail Face Primer...
Loreal Base Magique

After i blend it... Look the differences between both of 'em.. With Base area is more smooth and less pore/lines.

My Review:
- Its texture is thick. It's a bit hard to blend at first, then it will blend well.
- Its texture is similar like silicone base (like Monistant Primer, MUFE All Matt, Smashbox, etc), but it's more light and dont make the skin break out.
- The scent is not strong, so it's good for sensitive skin
- It makes the foundation glides easier on my face.
- It can shrink my big pores, so it looks flawless at the end.
- Make my makeup stay longer and still smooth after 5hours.

- The packaging is bulky and made from glass. So it's fragile, heavy, and not traveling friendly.

Will i repurchase this again? Yes! but i think it'll take a long time to spend one jar... ^_^
Price: IDR149.500 in Dept Store (for about $17)


  1. I want to try this to see if it holds up to the Australian heat (and therefore my sweating) in Summer :)

  2. Haaiii....
    Hoo you're from Aussie, i think you're American. icic..
    Yeah, Loreal Base is good, even when the weather is so hot, but this is still stay on my face. Like you know, Indonesia is so hot, nad this product can hold my foundation well..

    Anyway, thx for visiting my blog yooo.... <3

  3. Nice review! I want to test it out too, but it's not available here in Indonesia ya? That's too bad.. :(

  4. Haiiii ceecile...

    this is avail in Indo, i bought it at PIM2 Sogo Dept Store. And i thought you can find it everywhere like MTA, Central Park, Senayan City, PS, Plaza Semanggie and many more..

  5. Ah ada review ini. Kemaren sempet naksir euy.
    Ini silicon nya parah ga sih Cat ,,, mksdnya kayak Smashbox gitu ?

  6. Nggak kok ini Oke banget. Gw oake tiap hari kalo dandan atau buat FOTD. Sama MUFE All Matt aja gw lbh suka ini...

    Teksturnya smooth parah Jule, dibanding Monistant, Smashbox, Mufe gw lbh suka ini... Hhhehehe

  7. asik deh .. nanti gw mau cobain juga deh. Mumpung yg ada udah mau abis :D


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