Friday, September 30, 2011

Review Coastal Scent Smokey Eyes Palette

Haiii everyone, i'm back ^_^ *Eeerrr... i just have 2 days off, not that long*
Yesterday, i went to Dewi's house (The Owner of Make Up Brush FB ) to pick up my baby. LOL... I've ordered this for about a weeks ago (Or maybe a month ago????) but i dont want Dewi to send this by JNE, i want to pick it up by myself.
I bought this pretty palette from Coastal Scent. i've read so many review about this products, and most of them said this is good. I think this will be useful, seen there's so many colors available, and most of them are so pretty, so it's interested me to bought. Its price IDR350 (Pssttt.... Dewi gimme a discount. Yay, Muaaah) and i think that's a good deal.
So here it is...

 With Flash...

Without Flash...

Up: Row 1 | Row2 
Bottom: Row 3 | Row 4

Up: Row 5
Bottom: Row 6
With Flash...

Without Flash...

My Review:
- The colors are so pretty
- Sleek packaging, and not too heavy
- The shimmery e/s has a good pigmented
- The dark colors are so solid & vibrant
- You can create so many looks with just in one palette

- Sort of the matte e/s is a bit muddy and chalky
- Some colors aren't pigmented, and a bit hard to apply
- It doesn't comes with mirror nor brush

~ The poor colors are...
- The white & the pale beige in the Row 4
- Almost colors in Row 1
- The beige one in Row 2
- The pinks one in Row 5 is muddy & Chalky
- And the green color in Row 2 & Row 3 is a bit chalky too...

Will i Repurchase this again? Hmmmm... Maybe No. I wanna try the other CS's palette

My rating for this palette is B-


  1. @PolaBerry:
    yes, the colors are absolutely pretty in the pan. but, sort of them isn't too pigmented (As i mention in my post)... I wish the 'not pigmented' color can be builded more and more.. hehehe


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