Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday in Bali

Yay!!! i'm back...
i had a very great-fun-colorful-romantic holiday. I went to Bali at Aug 31th till Sept 4th. With my beybi and my friend. i was going to the good place like Padang-padang beach, Uluwatu, Kuta beach and many more. And of course, i had a very awesome culinary experience. I was eating in Warung Made (Kuta), Warung Italy (Seminyak), and many more.
When i was in trip to Padang-padang beach, i saw a very good place. Me & my boyfie got amazed to saw those place. You know what? There's a 5 worship places in 1 area. The Mosque-Catholic Church-Vihara-Protestant Church-Buddhist Temple. Amazing!!! I could tell you that's the most beautiful place in Bali. It indicates that inter-religious harmony should be upheld. No war. No Racist at all.
Wow.. That was make me feel HAPPY and VERY HAPPY.... Here's some picture i will share

It's Me on the Kuta Beach. Yay... i love how the sun touched my skin.

Me & my Boyfriend. Love!

In front of the Kuta Beach Gate... Aaaaaa i'm gonna miss this place...

Us. in the Discovery Mall, Kuta

Have a good drink in Minimart, Kuta. Cold Beer is so Yummy...

Kuta Beach in the afternoon... Sunset, here we come!

At Nusa Dua. Wanna went to Water Splash...

Water Splash, Nusa Dua. Perfect!!!

Sunset at Padang-padang Beach. Wonderful!

Me at Kuta. Ready for Uluwatu... Yiipiiieee

At Uluwatu. This cafe is awesome! Good food with a good view, like a paradise


Rufy & Catra

The view. Uluwatu was such a beautiful place!

The Uluwatu's cave. This place is awesome. Too bad my camera is bad...

Ready for swimming. Eeerrr,,, he's look like a lifeguard, 'eh?!

Hahhaa,, after swimming in the ocean. Almost Sunset

The last day in Bali. Spent a time in Kuta Beach again...

I fall in LOVE with this place. I do!

Ready for going back to Jakarta. Thx Nardo for your room. i'm gonna miss everything about this Island. 


  1. waah..nice holiday niih..^^

    so bad, u used sunglasses!
    i can't see ur pretty eyes...;(

  2. Hahahha......
    iyaaaa rada ga tega biarin mata tanpa glasses. Silauuuu euy >.< Dan, softlens gw berasa periiih bgt kalo kena matahari se-terik itu..


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