Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FOTD: Natural-Holiday Makeup

Haiiii...... Haiiii.....
Someone asked me about my FOTD during my last holiday on the beach. Actually, i wasn't using much makeup. Because almost everyday, the sun touched my skin. i played in the ocean, walking on the sand, had biking trip, and of course my skin was getting burn. So i choose to let my skin bare (from makeup), and let it breathe.
But, i never forget to used Biore UV Milk Face SPF 50. i couldn't leave without it. Because of the sun light was soooooo bright & hot, it's impossible for me for just apply my non-SPF moisturizer. So, here's me...

The Products i used...
- Biore UV Face Milk SPF 50 --> i was using it everyday. It can be used as a makeup base
- NYX Bronzer Stick "ChaCha with Sun God" --> i used this to created a sexy tan look. ^_^
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- BBPR "Powder Pink"
- SLEEK Blush on "PanTao"
- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick "Rose"

- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara "black"
- UD Naked Palette --> i used this in the evening, for a hangout in the Cafe, or just window shopping at the Legian road.

- Beauty Style Lipstick "Shy Blush" --> For everyday used. The nude was really make me looks more 'Natural-Sexy-Tanned'
- Bobbi Brown Lipstick "Sandwash Pink"
- NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss "Natural"
- Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color "Rosebud"

*Tips by me if you wanna go holiday on the Beach/Tropical Island...
- Say NO to Foundation and Concealer. You don't need them. Just show your beautiful skin, and let the sun make it natural-glow....
- Don't ever forget to use sunblock. This is the one that you really need the most except your wallet. LOL!
- Use your favorite loose powder. Don't use two way cake powder. Because TWC is too heavy and could make your skin break out
- Apply a waterproof mascara. It can make your eyes seems pretty during your holiday. Choose a waterproof formula, don't let your eye makeup smudges.
- You don't need too much eye makeup like smokey eyes, glittery eyes, bold blackest eyeliner, etc. If you still wanna use an eyeshadow, choose an earthy color like gold, brown, copper, nude, or light grey. Hey, you're not in the Club, right?!
- Apply a coral, orange, peach blush on. It will instantly makes your face looks fresh
- Go for Shimmer blush. Use over your matte blush on... The shimmery effect can makes you glowing
- Wear your favorite nude lipstick. This won't look too much, but you're still be pretty as well
- Braid your hair, or get a ponytail. Don't let your hair disturb you while you're playing on the beach. The summer breeze will flow away your hair out
- It is OK if you wanna add a tan lotion to make you look more exotic. Hahhahaha...


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