Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FOTD: Green meets Purple = Cute

Haiii... Haiii..
It's almost a week i didn't post about my FOTD. Yeah, because i'm not in the good mood that time. Plus i didn't get any inspiration. So, today i'm gonna post about my FOTD.
i like this look. Because basically this is a fresh looks but i add a different touch of it. i applied a cute-pretty color to combine with that fresh looks. And the results is... So cutey!!!

What's the color to make it looks fresh? Green! Yes, green is the warm color which can gives a woman looks fresh, bright, shining, and even glamour, edgy, & dramatic at the same time. Its depend what a green shade do you choose? Is it Dark green, lime green, pale green, milky green, army green, and many more...

Then, What's the color which refers to the pretty and cute impression? Purple!!! Yes, Purple is the one of the cool shade family. It can gives a woman so pretty as well. Purple make us look romantic, mysterious, dramatic, bold, mature, and even modern, snob or glamour.. Same as the green above, its depend on which shade of purple color that you choose...

The Products i used...
- Loreal Base Magique
- Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation "Sand"
- NYX Tango Bronzer Stick "ChaCha with Sun God" in chin, cheeks, forehead
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- Max Factor Creme Puff Powder "05 Translucent" for touch up
- MUFE Duo Matt "205" forsetting foundie
- SLEEK Contouring Kit "Medium"
- SLEEK Blush on "Life's a Peach"

- NYX Mineral e/s base
- UD BOS III "Kush" (in crease), "Loaded" (in OuterV), "Psychedelic Sister" (Lower lash line)
- NYX Singled e/s "Kiwi", "White", "Hollywood"
- SLEEK BadGirl Palette "Silver"
- Revlon colorstay liquid liner "Black"
- MAD Mineral Gel liner "Endangered" for upper lash line
- UD 24/7 Glides on Pencil "Zero" for Waterline
- Maybelline Mascara
- NYX Brow Cake Powder "Dark Brown/Brown"
- Falsies

- MAC Lipstick "Spirit"
- PAC Lipgloss "LG-01"

This looks is good for dinner with family, dating with your boyfriend, lunch with bestfriend, graduation, and many more...

*Tips by Me*
- Focus on your eyes makeup, so soften your lips with a nude lipcolor. Or if you already have a natural lips color, just add beige lipgloss
- If you don't wanna wear fake eye lashes, curl your lashes with your favorite eyelash curler (i choose Shu Uemura or Anna Sui curler) then apply two coats of thickening mascara. Always choose mascara with waterproof formula. You don't wanna have a 'Panda Eyes' while event, right?! LoL...
- Make it sleek, clean, and simple by ponytail your hair. Or you can make a simple hair bun...



  1. really sweeett catra!
    lovee the purple shade!

    nice job~ really!

  2. @Vintage 1950s : Hheehhee.... Thank you sooo much for liking it.... Yeah, the falsies is good. It's not too bold but still stunning..

    @Severus: Hiihihihi... Iyaaa coba2 aja niiiy iseng ^_^ Thx yoooo *Muaaah*

  3. bold color choices! you pull it off nicely, sometimes purple tend to make my eyes like irritated so i gotta be careful with it @_@

  4. @Stella...
    Hihihihihi maybe basically you're Warm skintone girl, so you feel that purple didn't match for your skin. But as long as you're confident, it doesn't matter at all...

    Eniwei,, Thx for coming yooo ^_^

  5. Wow the purple in this look is super bright! Amazing. And you have beautiful eyes :)
    (I checked your link from my blog and it works fine!)

  6. Fifi:
    haaiiii... Thx for coming ^_^ And thank you Mbakyu for like it.. Yay

  7. Love the lip colour, it coordinates perfectly with both the purple and green! ^__^


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