Thursday, September 15, 2011

FOTD: Beauté naturelle

There's nothing wrong with Earthy Brownie color shade. Everyone can use this palette. Whether you are cool or warm, fair skin or dark, earthy color can gives you a natural beauty. Mostly, woman loves this palette to their everyday use. Because earthy color is so wearable and also easy to use...
So do i, even that i'm not a big fan of natural-brown makeup, but i have to agree that earthy color is really good and pretty. It can makes you look fresh, not to 'trying to hard' look, and simple.

The Products i used...
- Biore UV Face Milk SPF50
- NARS l/p "Desert"
- NYX Cream Blush "Natural"
- MUFE Duo Matt "205" for touch up
- SLEEK Blush "Life's a Peach"
- SLEEK Contouring Kit "Medium"

- NYX HD e/s Base
- LT Pro e/s "ES02"
- NYX Single e/s "Hawaiian Coffee" for outerV
- Make Up Store Micro Shadow "Brownie"
- UD 24/7 Glides on Pencil "Corrupt" for upper lash line
- UD 24/7 Glides on Pencil "Bourbon"for lower lash line
- Borjuis Clubbing e/l "Black" for upper waterline
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara "Black"
- Falsies

- MAC Prolongwear Lipstick "Till Tomorrow"
- NYX Round Lipstick "Mars"

*Tips by Me*
- Use the earthy color that suits to your skin tone. If you have a Warm undertone, choose the shade of bronze, dark chocolate, gold, rose gold, terracotta, and golden shimmer. And if you have a Cool undertone, choose the shade of coral, light brown, beige, nude/sand, peach, pale yellow, and broken white.
- If you wanna look more glam, add a little gold glitter in one of your makeup that you wanna focus on. Example, in your eye makeup, highlight in your cheek bone, shimmer in your lips. Dont add it in all your face area, because it will look you're trying too hard to be sparkling..
- Ponytail your hair, or curl your hair. Voila! You're such a Beautiful Natural Princess... ^_^


  1. Nice look! I like brown too.. ^^
    Oya, is that NYX eyeshadow base good? I'm looking for eyeshadow base for daily use..

  2. @ Ceecile: hehehehe... Tengkyu so much. Iyaaa buat everyday use Brownish emg cakeeeppp..

    NYX bagus. Tang seri HD bagus, yang white (ESB01) bagus. Yg white mau gw lepas tuh, mau???


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