Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review Revlon Photoready Foundation

When i realized that my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #155 will almost hit pan, i straight to seraching a (perfect) foundation again. I had a two candidates, they're Revlon Photoready & Loreal True Match. Then finally i decided to choose Revlon one. I took shade "Natural Beige" which is match for my NC35 (Benchmark by MAC shade skin color).

The Swatches...

It's a medium beige with yellow undertone

 It's half blend on my back hand. It's lighter than my skin

I blend it well and it looks a bit ghostly on my back hand

It looks a bit ghostly or Whiter than my skin in this photo. But when i applied on my face and blend it with my Sigma Stippling Brush F50, and IMO it looks more better than this. The Ghostly effect looks fade away then it turns to glowing effect. Even though, it's not matte...

- Affordable price. Only IDR150 but i got this just IDR135...
- Easy to blend
- It comes with a pump, so it's hygienic enough
- Its texture is a bit dilute, i mean it isn't thick.
- Make my face looks glowy and delicate
- Not oxidize
- This is light weight foundie so it save for everyday used
- available in everywhere a.k.a easy to find

- The bottle was made from glass. It isn't save for travelling. Because it's fragile!
- Actually i'm searching for the Matte foundie but it didn't at all...
- It's Sheer to medium coverage, can't hide my deficiencies on the face
- There's a lil sparkle or whatsoever it does, and i'm not a big fan of sparkling/Pearly foundation
- It's a bit Ghostly & Whiter on my skin, Especially when i'm taking a picture
- Not too good if i using it in outdoor, which is the weather is hot and this foundie will felt melting
- I don't like with the effect given by the foundie after sprinkled powder, especially powder-containing minerals. Because it will makes the over all looking looks wet on my face. Blah...

So, will i repurchase this again? Maybe NO for my personal used, but maybe YES for my clients. Because i think this isn't right for me. But good for another... So, the results are relative ^_^

Look, how this foundie gives me a ghostly effect & a bit Whitecast in taking picture. In real, it's not that such a pinto... @_@


  1. Kasusnya sama nih kita .. jd putih ya bo .. ga suka sm putihnya .. macem salah warna gitu ... sebel deh. Ini gw pertama beli foundie Revlon lgsg kapok bo haha.

    Better si max factor ya.

  2. iyaaa,,, emang dia rada pektay. Tapi kalo nge-set pake bedak yg cakep, jadi lumayan deh.

    Tapi kataya yg Colorstay bagus. aahhh tapi ntar aja ah belinyaa.. hehehehe

  3. hahha .. iye pektay LOL

    iya ktnya colour stay ya .. besok2 nyari deh yg jualin tester size haha

  4. sebel sama si pondi ini, shadenya pas beli ga pas jadi item banget di gw hahaha, trus breakout parah banget langusng bruntusan muka gw. jadi sekarang kayanya big no no deh sama pondi pondi revlon

  5. Waadduuuww....

    Masa siiih Shella lo sampe break out gt? Berarti totally ga cucok yiiiaa... Jangan diterusin lg deh drpd knapa2.
    Di gw si Replon ini kekurangannya cuma rada pektay aja siiih. Sama efek glowy-nya itu yg bikin gw ga gitu nge-fans. Hehhehe


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