Monday, August 1, 2011

Review MakeUp Store Microshadow

i'm an eye shadow (e/s) addict. i love to collected all the e/s color from the various brand. As long as i like the color, the texture, the prices (LoL!), and the results. Basically, i'm not a sheer girl. I mean, i'm not a huge fan of sheer makeup like sheer blush, sheer e/s, sheer lipstick etc.

One thing that becomes a major concern in selecting e/s are:
- They have to be so pigmented. Because i love bold, smokey and dare eye makeup.
- They have to easy to glides/apply.
- The color must representative my personality.
- The color must be intense. I mean, what i see in the pan is what i get on my lids.
- The price must be affordable with my financial. Hahhahaah...

Top: Flamenco & Pascal
Bottom: Butterfly & Brownie
(With Flash)

 So here it is...
Makeup Store Microshadow (eye shadow). i love... love that e/s. Why? Because they have all my qualification above. TeeeHeee ^_^ Here's the picture!

Without Flash

The Swatches...

My Review:
- Pigmented enough
- Their colors collection are so unique
- Easy to apply
-  The packaging are big enough
- Very pretty on te lids
- The staying power is good enough
- The colors are unique. Like its really made just for Makeup Store. Doesn't exist in other brand..

- Some color from them aren't too intense. i want extremely oomph from any shadow, i want dark eyes yet edgy eyes.

So, What do you think? My favorite color goes to... Flamenco!!
Will I repurcahse this again? Uuuummm,, maybe yes for some color.

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