Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review LT Pro Eyeshadow

Haiii... Haii....
Today i went to ITC Ambasador (Agaaaiiinnn...) to bought something, yeah i mean my daily-weekly-monthly routine like cotton, facial wash etc. Then i stopped at one of the store there and my eyes caught something that really interested me ^_^ Honestly, i didn't intend to buy anything (Nyaa... Nyaaaaa) But this babies really makes me fall in love. Remember that i already bought 2 foundation before, that was Revlon Photoready & Kryolan Supracolor (Review soon!), so i think i really don't want anything from this second store.

Top: ES08
Bottom: ES 05 & ES 09

But finally i took home 3 eyeshadow from LT Pro. First of all, i wanna tell you a bit about LT Pro.
LT Pro is the one of Indonesian local brand. This brand is one company with La Tulipe, but LT pro describes itself as a high premium/professional make up line.
I agree that the quality of LT Pro is good. Even i'm not trying all of their range yet, but i know this brand is good enough. So, here's my haul...

Here's the swatches....

With Flash

Without Flash

Look, how pretty they are..
i bought this just IDR35 /each after discount. Actually it's IDR37 but because i took it more than 1, the shop keeper gave me that discount. Yay!!! One thing that i really like with this e/s is they're CHEAP with a Good quality products.
In my opinion...

- Very pigmented!
- Affordable price
- Easy to blend
- What you see in the pan is what you get on your eyes... ^_^
- Its texture is so velvety
- Its Shimmer is so soft, not shiny nor glittery
- Available everywhere a.k.a easy to find

- Uuuummm... So far nothing.

Will i repurchase this again? YES! I wanna try the shade of brown next time. Because they have a very good brownish-chocolate color. I guarantee you will like that... Hehehehe..

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