Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick "Rose"

It's been a long time i was searching for the right shimmer stuff. Whether it's for face, e/s, or bronzer. But until yesterday, i never found the perfect one. Then... When i went to ITC Ambasador and stopped to Holly Cosmetic shop, i found this baby. I've got it only IDR450 (it comes with the blender brush too), which is the price was more cheap then the official counter (In Glow, Plaza Indonesia) Well, this is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose...

With Flash

Without Flash

And here's the swatches...

*Sorry for the bad light*

All over, i like this one. It's really match on my NC35 skin. The color is soooo pretty as well. It's shimmery on my cheeks (i tried this as a blush) and its gave me a beautiful glow.
This Shimmer Brick is a very wearable. You can use this to your face (forehead, chin, cheeks, nose) for giving the healthy looks, or just in a part of you face for giving the glam look (Jaw, cheek bones, brow bone).
This won't makes you look oily. And this is better to use above blush on, if you wanna use this as a blush. Because, the shimmer will be more apparent. And of course, that's awesome!

- Easy to blend
- Wearable. Can be used as blush, eye shadow, highlighter, etc
- The color is so pretty
- For shimmering, this is pigmented enough
- Can use as a bronzer (if you have the Nectar color or else)
- Finishing look is Fresh and glow not oily
- The Shimmery isn't too much, i mean not glittery

- Expensive!!! Hahhahahahhah.....

So, will i repurchase this again? Maybe YES for another color... Bcos this is too pretty to be pass. ^_^

* Sorry i'm not post it with FOTD because my face is getting break out. So i can't use foundie for a while... Aaaahhh Deymn!*

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