Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pojok Cantik

i've got an email from someone and she asked me about to showing my treasure. My dressing table. My comfort zone. My beauty area. Hahahahhaa... Actually i'm ashamed to show that, because mine was so messy and (Oopss....) a bit dirt. But Yeahhh... Nevermind. Here's the place that really makes me happy and this is My Throne...

My Skincare & Toiletries Area

My Cabinets
TaaaRaaa... Welcome to my Palace.

Purple Cabs Top Shelf
i kept all my brushes here. Hmm,, not all actually, but face brushes excatly

Purple Cabs Middle Shelf
Brush. Brush. Brush

Purple Cabs Bottom Shelf
Variety of loose powder is here. Yay! Look how messy it was. Eeerrgghh

*The biggest Cabinet i mean the purple one is the place to keep my all sort of the main or most frequently used area like powder, and brushes...*

Pink Cabs Top Shelf
It's for keep random things like eyelash curler, glue, scotch tape, sharpener, etc

Pink Cabs Middle Shelf
i called it The House of Lipstick. Hehehhehe...

 Sorry i wasn't take a pict "PinkCabs Bottom Shelf" bcos i'm using that shelf to keep my money and gold rings.. ^_^ 

Blue Cabs Top Shelf
i put powder & foundie here. Oopss,, i saw a rings. LoL!

Blue Cabs Middle Shelf
The place where all of my eyeshadow & blush had rest.. And Gel liner also. TeeHee

Blue Cabs Bottom Shelf
Eerrr,, so random. Unspecified. 

Green Cabs Top Shelf
My nude lips collection is here. So nice, 'eh?!

Green Cabs Middle Shelf
There's Blush on, lipbalm, e/s base, mascara, sooo random...

Green Cabs Bottom Shelf
Falsies. I put the other falsies on my traincase and paper bag. Too much.. No space anymore T_T

My Brushes Stand & The Basket
Brush standing holder (Look at the Sigma "Makes me Crazy. So kewl), eyeliners & mascaras in the pink basket, miscellaneous things... This is my everyday used..

Well, as you can see, i have so messy & dirty dressing table. Everything seems so messed. But behind those all, i would say that's my treasure. Then i was thinking, i need to re-organize them all. But reminds that i will moving house in the coming month, i'm a bit lazy to clean up. Maybe i will make it more well-organize in my future house. i'm thinking, i will organize it by kind, by usefulness of each other, or just let it be just like now. Eeeyyymmm...
I really enjoy to spent a time in front of them. Because, i feel like i'm in the playground where i can do everything that i love to do... ^_^

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