Thursday, August 18, 2011

FOTD: Summer-Nude Looks

What's on your mind when you see this picture?

Self tanning. Walking on the beach. Playing Volley ball. Swimming at the sea. Enjoying the sunlight. Wear a colorful bikini. Drink a very fresh Fruit Punch. Or... Even Cuddling. LoL!
Holiday in the Tropical Island is soooooo much fun... We can do anything and having the summer breeze. i really like beach better than camping in the mountain. Because, hang out in the beach is more fun and the view is more beautiful (IMO)

My friend asked, "Should i wear makeup when i'm holiday at the beach, at least light makeup, or let my face bare?"
So i just answered, "Don't wear too much makeup. Because you're not in the club. Don't ever forget to use Sunblock. At least with SPF 50 if you really wanna hang out at the beach. Wear a cool hat and stylish sun glasses, they will protect your hair and your eyes from the sun. And give a little shimmer-coral blush plus beige/nude lipstick. You will instantly looks stunning and pretty..."
Hahhahahha.... Yes, don't ever wear foundation, concealer, dark eye shadow, or red lipstick at the beach. Because it's not good for your skin and people will stare at you with a strange look. Grab your Sunblock and your favorite bronzer. You will need that stuffs more than full makeup does...

The Products i used...
- Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation "Bronze"
- NARS l/p "Eden"
- NYX Tango Bronzer Stick "ChaCha with Sun God"
- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick "Rose"
- ELF Blush "Tickled Pink"
- Highlight using CS e/s palette --> for the nose bridge
- NYX Eyebrow Cake powder "Dark Brown/Brown" for shading --> Nose bridge

- NYX JEP "Iced Mocha" as a base
- Coastal Scent palette
- UD 24/7 Glides on pencil "Corrupt"
- Maybelline Mascara
- Falsies

- NYX Round Lipstick "Mars"
- OCC Liptar "Memento"

The Palette i used..

How do i look? i feel like i'm a bit pale here but in real i really love my goldy-bronzy-tanned makeup. Hohohooohoho ^_^


  1. Cat ini kl buat ke mall asik banget deh ,,, bisa pada nabrak tuh lekong2 haha, cakep banget buat hari2.

    Btw request dong yang tema smurf. Biru,kuning dan pink gitu deh

  2. Hhihihihi..... Thank You Jule. Ini aslinya kulit gw tan bgt niiiy disini, sayang eike jepret pake kamera bebe, jadinya jueeleekk.

    Makeup ala Smurf? Boleeeehhh... gw gugel-an dolooo si smurf yg cewe itu kayak gmn rupanya. hehhehehee

  3. hahah .. asik asikk
    Gw tunggu yaa fotd si biru smurf ..

  4. Hahahahaha.... iyeeehhh tapi without wig koneng yeeee
    Hahahaah ^_^ Naahh tapi gw binun warnain muke gue jd biru? Masa pake blao? Wakakkakakaa

  5. hahaha tintaaa .. nanti bs mental yang baca blog lo haha.
    Matanya aja yang dibiru2in haha.
    Kl gw liat si cewenya itu dominasi wrn kuning [wig] , biru [body], sama merah. Mgkn mainan 3 warna itu ya bo .. gw pengen banget cm kaga ada wrnnya.

  6. Ahahahhahahaha.... syaaapppp...
    Ntar yaakk, gugelan dolooo si Smurfette ini. Biar lbh menjiwai getooo


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