Friday, August 19, 2011

FOTD: Sparkling Disco

Because of this is a Holy Month for Ummah Moslems in the world, which is i must skip the 'HappyDiscoDance' activities for a while. So i just showing the makeup that really fabulous to wear in a very gorgeous party.
Everyone love to Dance. Enjoying the rhythm of the music and having a good drink while your another hand hug your lover ^_^ So to make your night more complete, add a glitter eyeliner to make the over all makeup more fun. And if the Disco Ball's light touch your lids, it will sparkling much more.

Don't like this expression when you're leaving the Club. Be sober, and keep fresh. LOL! Kidding...

Keep clean. Keep fresh. Keep Smiling. No matter how wild the party was....

Put a Glitter on your lids. It's fabulous. But in the end, it's getting so messy. Nevermind! You are dancing all night long, right? You aren't just sitting on the table and quite. Hahhaa...

The Products i used...
- Kryolan SupraColor w4
- NARS l/p "Eden"
- PAC Blush on "B08" for shading --> Cheek, jaw
- Stila Contouring kit for shading & highlight --> Nose Bridge
- MAC Mineralize duo blush "Band of Roses"

- ELF Mineral e/s base
- NYX JEP "Milk" as a base
- LT Pro e/s "ES08" and "ES 09"
- Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette "Silver" and "Light blue"
- Revlon Colorstay Liquid e/l "Black"
- Milani Liquif eye "Aqua" for waterline
- NYX Slides on pencil "Platinum" for inner corner
- NYX Candy Glitter e/l "Disco Queen" --> all over the lids
- Maybelline Mascara "Black"
- Falsies

- NYX Round Lipstick "Tea Rose"
- Etude LucidDarling Lipgloss "Pink/Fuschia" (Dunno the right name...)

*Tips by me for Disco-ing*
- Always prepare your skin with using the waterproof  and long lasting formula of the foundation. Because you'll getting wet. You'll dancing all night long!
- Use a l/p powder to set the foundie, don't use TWC or compact. It will clog your pores, because it's too heavy for Clubbing (You will be sweating all night long)
- Use a waterproof or smudgeproof makeup (Mascara, eyeliner, Lipstick) or you will have the 'Panda Eyes' & 'Messy Lips' while partying. Hhehehee..
- Don't be afraid to wear a full makeup. Be dare! Be Brave. Be creative. You will in the dark place. Just illuminated by Disco light, and your makeup won't looks clearly
- Wear a colorful or bold & edgy makeup. Play with color. Be experiment for eye makeup. You will be more fun and be a queen in the party.
-  Add a glitter (You can choose it like liquid, cream, powder) for your makeup. It helps your looks more stunning yet glam.
- If you wear a backless dress or tube dress, apply those glitter in your shoulder, scapula, cleavage, and your back to make you look more luminous.

So... Have fun with your night people... I wish you will have a so much good time ^_^

*Don't Drink too much. Don't lose control while partying. No matter how wild the ambience was, it will destroy your makeup, your image, and your reputation among your friends/collega. Be elegant and smart....*


  1. kereeeeeeeeeennn...!!! :3
    sexy look bgt dah..
    sad, i never clubing..ehehe

  2. Hehhehehe... Nggak mesti buat DugsDugs kok... bisa juga buat Costume Party or Mask Party. Heeehehe....

    Abis kalo utk sehari2 medoookkk beneerrrr ^_^

  3. iyaaaa, so bling2..but i loooveee...
    buat foto2 narsis kyknya okee yaa..ehehehe...:D
    make another dunk?
    silver maybe?


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