Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOTD: Smurfette Beauty

A few days ago, i asked a makeup request from my friend, Jule ( The owner of Make Up Tools Shop ) for making a looks inspired by Smurfette ( The Smurf Girl).
I was soooo exciting, even when the first time, i was so confused and the big question mark had spinning around my head, " How do i paint my face & body to be a blue as a Smurf? " As we all know, Smurf was identical with blue. Maybe nowadays, it as known like Avatar one *But Smurf look more cute than Avatar*
Then, after i was googling for so many times about how to make a Smurfette looks, suddenly i was challenged to try it. And of course, without paint my whole body with blue. Hahhahhaa...
So here's the look...

The Product i used...
- Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundie "Bronzer"
- Bobbi Brown Corrector "Deep Bisque" for hiding my dark circle
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- MUFE Duo Matt for touch up ( i forget the shade/name)
- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge "Powder Pink"
- SLEEK Blush "Pixie Pink"
- Stila Contouring kit

- SLEEK Curacao Palette
- NYX Single e/s "Irises" and "Yellow"
- Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette
- LT Pro e/s "ES 09" For crease & hollow
- Revlon Colorstay liquid e/l "Black"
- MUFE Aqua Liner "Black" For Upper lash line
- Borjuis Clubbing e/l "Black" For waterline
- Prestige Total Intensity e/l "Fierce Blue" For Waterline
- Falsies K15 from MUTShop for Upper lash
- Falsies B776 from MUTShop for lower lash

- NYX Black Label Lipstick "Dusty Rose"
- NYX Matte Lipstick "Summer Breeze"

The Palette i used..

SLEEK Curacao Palette

CS 88 Palette

So, What do you think?
Do i look a like Smurfette Already? Eeyyymmmm.... Here's The Smurf Family who has inspired Jule to asked me for making the look...

Smurf Family

Smurfette. hahahahahaha.....


  1. Wahhh cakepp ,,, liat foto yang pertama jadi kebayang gaya genit2 nya smurfete haha

  2. Hihiihhiihihihi.... Cobaaaa gue ada wig koneng sama blao yaaa,, makin jadi gw kyk Smurfette...
    Hiiyaaaa ada yg kurang, coba gw fotonya pake dress putih

  3. hhahhaha... dasarr .. gw iseng google ada yang sampe berbadan biru gitu Cat .. bah jadi seramm :D


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