Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOTD: Robotic Doll

Graaakkkk... Graaakkkk.... Kakikukikakikukkkkkkk

Now i wanna try to make a robo-millenium looks for my makeup. It's really fun to do, and this looks is good for halloween party or costume party. Why i choose silvery color? Because robot has its color, made by steel and iron. But, i give a lil touch of girly thing. Every girls like to play with their doll. Whether it's animal or dolls. So, i put a pinkish color for my lips. To soften the stiff accent of the Robot. And the Doll touch will give the over all looks more sweet...

The Products i used...
- Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundie "Bronze"
- Bobbi Brown l/p "Warm Natural"
- Bobbi Brown Corrector "Deep Bisque" for hiding my dark circle
- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge "Powder Pink"
- Bobbi Brown Blush "Nectar"
- Stila Contouring kit
- MAC Concealer "NW30" to sharpen my lips line
- NARS HIghlighter "Albatross" --> For apple cheeks, and chin

- ELF Mineral e/s base
- Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette "Silver"
- Maybelline Gel liner "Black"
- Borjuis Clubbing e/l "Black" for waterline
- NYX Slides on pencil "Platinum" for inner corner
- NYX Candy Glitter e/l "Disco Queen"
- Falsies B775 from Make up Tools Shop --> for lower lashes
- Falsies

- MAC Lipstick "Snob"
- OCC Liptar "Pageant" for centre of the lips
- MAC Dazzle Glass "Like Venus" for centre too...

Hahhhaha... What do you think? Do i look like this...Hahahahhahahah ^_^


  1. Hi
    I envy ur eyes *drool*

    I cant use lower lashes dont know why, it feels itchy :s


  2. Brilliant!!


  3. * Life Of Dee: Hahahhaa... ThankYiu sooo muchooo... Tips by me: Practice makes purrfect.. Even i'm not that puurrfeect yet. But never give up to try. Hehehe

    *Jule: wakakakka... Smurf Coming Soon. On progress ^_^

    * Hanna: Hihihihiihi.... Thanks So muaaachhh...
    Love yours too


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