Monday, August 8, 2011

FOTD: Lovely Surprise

I received this gift from Makeup Tool Shop Yay!!! Super Excited....
A few days ago, Jule (The owner of that shop) email me to offer me that gift. She wants to gimme a box of eye lashes. It comes with 3 different lashes. 1 box contain of B775, B776, and B270. Wow... i'm so Happy. i'm so impress with this complimentary. Thank You Jule *Kiss*
So here they are....

B776 (the blue lashes) - B775 (the purple lashes) - B270

And here's the looks...

Look How pretty they are...

The Products i used...
- Naturactor foundie #151
- NARS l/p "Desert"
- MAC Studio Fix NC35 for touch up
- ELF Blush "Tickled PInk"
- MAC Blush Fafi Edition "Fashion Frenzy"
- PAC Blush "B03" from the palette

- ELF Mineral e/s base
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk" as a second base. To make the e/s more bright
- NYX Singled e/s "Hollywood" "White" & "Charcoal"
- NYX Trio e/s "TS06"
- Coastal Scent 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette "Silver"
- Borjuis Clubbing e/l "Black"
- Maybelline Mascara "Black"
- MAC e/l "Black" for waterline
- PAC e/l "White" for inner corner
- Falsies B775 from Make Up Tools Shop

- MAC Lipstick "Snob"
- Etude LicidDarling lipgloss "Fuschia" (i dunno the right number, LOL) for the center of the lips

In my Opinion, Make Up Tools Shop sell so many good and high quality fake lashes in affordable prices. And also they have a kind type of lashes according to your needs, whether if you wanna find the elegant, bold, natural, girly, dramatic, or fun one. The lashes is very soft as a human hair. And you can use it for 2-3times after you use for the first time, depend on how you treat the lashes well. Clean the remnants of the glue in the line, so the lashes can be use again in next time.

Will i repurchase the fake lashes again? Of Course YES... Because it's very pretty...

* i add another fake lashes in my inner corner for creating the more dramatic look. With Unbranded fake lashes...*


  1. Lagi asik maskeran gara2 mata udah blurr mantengin kompie,, tau2 adik gw bilangin Catra udah review tuh, buru direspon :D .. Ah hampir retak masker eike gara2 kegirangan. Cakep ya makk ... Gw bulak balik liatin pondesen sm lippen nya,,, cakep banget. Kl falsiesnya eike udah banyak hahhaa, lirik racun lain.

    Ternyata naturactor .. dulu pernah punya cm udah keburu expired, jd pengen beli lagi, snobnya jugaaa euyy.. saling menebar racun nihh

  2. Hehhehhhehehe...
    Iyaaaa emang bulmatnya cakeeeppp beneerr. Gw aja sampe nganga2. Tapi dibagian depannya itu gw tambahin bulmat yg udah gw potong, jd kliatan lbh dramatic. Hehhehe...

    Itu sbnrnya si Snob pucet bgt di gw. Kyknya itu lbh cucok sama yg kulitnya putih-pinkish gt deh. Gw kan medium-yellow bhoookk.. ^_^
    Naturactor cakep jul, cuma dia ngot2an. Kadang bikin break out, kadang kliatan cakey, kadang bikin muka flawless. Aneeehh deh

  3. Kl di gw naturactornya emang suka cakey .. yg disini bikin flawless ya bo .. makanya gw jd kepengen.

    Iya bulmatnya td gw nebak depannya ditmbhin yg lain pas gw baca kok ga ada diketerangan, jd ga brani sotoy deh :D

  4. Hueheheehhehee..... iyaaa abis gw gatau bulmat yg gw tambahin itu merk-nya apa. Mana itu juga udah gw gunting2 pulaaa bulmatnya. Hehhee.. ntar deh gw tambahin ket-nya.

    Tapi si Naturactor ini emg rada2 siiih, jd gw ga berani make jalan2. Takut dia lg bad mood, ntar muka gw jadi kayak topeng. Huhuhuhuu....

    Ntar ah si Punk collection abis lebarang gw borong. Cakeeppp bhook.. ^^

  5. I cannot go anywhere without my flase lashes. they look fab on you. You are very pretty by the way and I adore your blog. I cannot wait to read more of your posts.

    All the best,

  6. Voe: Waaakkkss,,, Thank you for your compliment. i really impress by that. And the most thing that make me Happy is.... You like my blog. it is a pride for me..

    The Falsies bought in Make Up Tools. The owner leaves a comment above, name Jenny Jule. Just let her know if you wanna get that.

  7. wow, love the purple on you! great fotd!

    new follower! :)

  8. LovelyLady.... Than you so much for liking it ^_^ i'm so impress. Yeah i really like to used purple-black palettes for my eye makeup. Bcos it's pretty yet edgy.. Hhehe


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