Sunday, August 28, 2011

FOTD: Eloknya Danau Toba

Danau Toba, Sumatra Utara

Danau Toba adalah sebuah danau vulkanik dengan ukuran panjang 100 kilometer dan lebar 30 kilometer yang terletak di Provinsi Sumatera Utara,Indonesia. Danau ini merupakan danau terbesar di Indonesia dan Asia Tenggara. Di tengah danau ini terdapat sebuah pulau vulkanik bernama Pulau Samosir.
Danau Toba sejak lama menjadi daerah tujuan wisata penting di Sumatera Utara selain Bukit Lawang dan Nias, menarik wisatawan domestik maupun mancanegara.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FOTD: Cita Rasa KarimunJawa

Sebuah Pulau kecil di Kota Jepara menuju arah Utara. Dengan hamparan pemandangan di sela-sela pulau, pasir putih membentang di sepanjang Pohon Nyiur menari. Terdapat 242 jenis ikan hias, serta 133 genera fauna akuatik....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FOTD: Eksotika Pulau Dewata

Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia

Siapa yang tidak mengenal Surga Dunia itu?
Sebuah pulau yang sangat indah. Kaya akan warna. Akulturasi kebudayaan modern dengan tradisional. Panorama alam laut yang luar biasa, serta penduduk lokal yang marak meramaikan setiap sudut kota dengan adat istiadat mereka....
Pulau Dewata. Nuansa kepulauan Indonesia, yang menjadi simbol kebahagiaan, keceriaan, kehangatan bak sinar mentari yang seolah tidak kunjung redup. Mari kita lestarikan kecantikan pulau tersebut...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FOTD: Pesona Hutan Kalimantan

Negeri yang sungguh kaya akan kebudayaan dan keindahan alamnya. Ribuan pulau menghiasi dan hamparan hutan-hutan tropis yang cantik, namun ia kehilangan wibawanya akibat ulah manusia.
Semburat warna hijau daun dan sinar mentari yang merasuki gelapnya hutan, pantulan kilau cahaya pada tanah yang setia berpijak pada bumi, menghangatkan pohon-pohon sebagai tempat burung berkicau...

Kebudayaan Kalimantan yang Mengagumkan....

Keindahan yang menginspirasikan saya untuk berkarya melalui nuansa Hutan Kalimantan yang mulai redup sisi indahnya. Ayo selamatkan alam Indonesia kita!!! Lestarikan Sumber Daya Alam, serta kebudayan yang beraneka ragam. Indonesia,,, janganlah engkau berhenti berpijar...

Monday, August 22, 2011

FOTD: My Bloody Valentine

Yeah... Yeah.... I know, this isn't February which means a month that identical with Valentine's day. But i don't mean to make a romantic look or dazzling look. I just wanna make something different. Something dare. Something Hot. Eeeerrr,,, Because Valentine Day usually has filled with rose, flower, heart ornament with dominate by red or pink color. So i named my makeup look with those title. This is just my experimental makeup in the night, where i don't have any activities to do. So i opened up my traincase, then start to makeup time!!! Yay,,,,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOTD: Smurfette Beauty

A few days ago, i asked a makeup request from my friend, Jule ( The owner of Make Up Tools Shop ) for making a looks inspired by Smurfette ( The Smurf Girl).
I was soooo exciting, even when the first time, i was so confused and the big question mark had spinning around my head, " How do i paint my face & body to be a blue as a Smurf? " As we all know, Smurf was identical with blue. Maybe nowadays, it as known like Avatar one *But Smurf look more cute than Avatar*
Then, after i was googling for so many times about how to make a Smurfette looks, suddenly i was challenged to try it. And of course, without paint my whole body with blue. Hahhahhaa...
So here's the look...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOTD: Robotic Doll

Graaakkkk... Graaakkkk.... Kakikukikakikukkkkkkk

Now i wanna try to make a robo-millenium looks for my makeup. It's really fun to do, and this looks is good for halloween party or costume party. Why i choose silvery color? Because robot has its color, made by steel and iron. But, i give a lil touch of girly thing. Every girls like to play with their doll. Whether it's animal or dolls. So, i put a pinkish color for my lips. To soften the stiff accent of the Robot. And the Doll touch will give the over all looks more sweet...

Review Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

A few days ago, i went to Pondok Indah Mall with my Sister and i stopped at Max Factor counter in Metro Dept Store. I was searching the good foundation from this brand. Because i was so curious, i read so many review about this one, and many people said this is good product.
So i was trying the "Miracle Touch" Foundation. The product said that this is cream foundation with full coverage. Can hide the deficiencies in my face and actually this is good for normal to dry skin. I also tried the other foundation, that's the "Second Skin" Foundation. The SA said, the Second Skin Foundie was good for normal to oily skin. But when i tried it on my back hand, i saw a lil pearly effect like Revlon Photoready (Review Here) did. Eeeerrr,,,, one more time, i'm not a big fan of pearly-glowy-shimmery foundation. I prefer the matte one. So i back again to trying the Miracle Touch.

Friday, August 19, 2011

FOTD: Sparkling Disco

Because of this is a Holy Month for Ummah Moslems in the world, which is i must skip the 'HappyDiscoDance' activities for a while. So i just showing the makeup that really fabulous to wear in a very gorgeous party.
Everyone love to Dance. Enjoying the rhythm of the music and having a good drink while your another hand hug your lover ^_^ So to make your night more complete, add a glitter eyeliner to make the over all makeup more fun. And if the Disco Ball's light touch your lids, it will sparkling much more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review Revlon Photoready Foundation

When i realized that my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #155 will almost hit pan, i straight to seraching a (perfect) foundation again. I had a two candidates, they're Revlon Photoready & Loreal True Match. Then finally i decided to choose Revlon one. I took shade "Natural Beige" which is match for my NC35 (Benchmark by MAC shade skin color).

FOTD: Summer-Nude Looks

What's on your mind when you see this picture?

Self tanning. Walking on the beach. Playing Volley ball. Swimming at the sea. Enjoying the sunlight. Wear a colorful bikini. Drink a very fresh Fruit Punch. Or... Even Cuddling. LoL!
Holiday in the Tropical Island is soooooo much fun... We can do anything and having the summer breeze. i really like beach better than camping in the mountain. Because, hang out in the beach is more fun and the view is more beautiful (IMO)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FOTD: Army Eye Makeup

Tomorrow there will be an Indonesian's Independence Day, the exact date is in August 17th 2011.
So i want to participate by making a looks with that Independence Day nuance. i'm choosing to be a soldier. Because, the existences of soldiers in a country is so important. They keep the country from dangerous, from threats abroad, and many more...
I put the army green and brown on my eyes. Because that's identical with the color of military's uniform. Plus adding a dramatic lashes in my lower lash line for more harsh looking. And also, i make this look because i join #MakeUpChallenge by @Looxperiments in Twitter, And the themes is about "Army Looks Makeup"
 So here it is...

Review LT Pro Eyeshadow

Haiii... Haii....
Today i went to ITC Ambasador (Agaaaiiinnn...) to bought something, yeah i mean my daily-weekly-monthly routine like cotton, facial wash etc. Then i stopped at one of the store there and my eyes caught something that really interested me ^_^ Honestly, i didn't intend to buy anything (Nyaa... Nyaaaaa) But this babies really makes me fall in love. Remember that i already bought 2 foundation before, that was Revlon Photoready & Kryolan Supracolor (Review soon!), so i think i really don't want anything from this second store.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOTD: Enjoying The Tea Time with Smokey Eyes...

HeLLooo Everyone, how are you today? I really wish you all will always Good as well..
First of all, i would say Sorry for the bad light for every pictures i've made, or bad quality of pictures, because i've take it just by my Blackberry camera. Huhuhuhhuuu....

Okay Then, i wanna show you my 'Another-Favorite-Look' a.k.a Lovely Smokey eyes as i usually like. This makeup contain of shades of black and a bit pearly pink. Everyone could wear this look. i'm not say that this is natural makeup. I add a glitter eyeliner for making all over makeup more glamorous, and of course your eyes will looks fabulous with it.
This is dramatic yet glam makeup. So, it's perfect for dinner, evening party or graduation. So here it is...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick "Rose"

It's been a long time i was searching for the right shimmer stuff. Whether it's for face, e/s, or bronzer. But until yesterday, i never found the perfect one. Then... When i went to ITC Ambasador and stopped to Holly Cosmetic shop, i found this baby. I've got it only IDR450 (it comes with the blender brush too), which is the price was more cheap then the official counter (In Glow, Plaza Indonesia) Well, this is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose...

Friday, August 12, 2011

FOTD: Into The Ocean

Another surprise, another happiness.
Now i wanna post my FOTD with my special fake lashes from Make Up Tools Shop by Jule. A few days ago, i posted FOTD with my B775. Now, i wanna try to make a look with the B776 one. I picked up the themes of the Indonesia natural beautiful of the sea. As you all may know, Indonesia is the one of the country with a world's largest marine. So, i applied those shade of the blue sea on my eyes. Here's the look...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pojok Cantik

i've got an email from someone and she asked me about to showing my treasure. My dressing table. My comfort zone. My beauty area. Hahahahhaa... Actually i'm ashamed to show that, because mine was so messy and (Oopss....) a bit dirt. But Yeahhh... Nevermind. Here's the place that really makes me happy and this is My Throne...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FOTD: Dangerously Purple

i posted a sweet-cutey purplish look before. And now i wanna show you the real purplish eyes with a wings effect. This look is bold, depth, glamour, and dare. Perfect for evening party, or rave party.
Purple is the one of the cool color. It makes us look mysterious yet romantic. But basically, shade of purple can be use with every skin tone color, whether it's Cool or warm.

Monday, August 8, 2011

FOTD: Lovely Surprise

I received this gift from Makeup Tool Shop Yay!!! Super Excited....
A few days ago, Jule (The owner of that shop) email me to offer me that gift. She wants to gimme a box of eye lashes. It comes with 3 different lashes. 1 box contain of B775, B776, and B270. Wow... i'm so Happy. i'm so impress with this complimentary. Thank You Jule *Kiss*
So here they are....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

FOTD: The Cyootey Bow Hairband

HeLLoooo... Heeiii Hoooo...
Today i was just done my makeup job for pre-wed photoshoot in Puncak, Bogor. I'm so exhausted but i'm Happy! I will post the picture later, because it still in my friend's SLR camera so i must waiting to get it by email. So, i wanna share you all this lovely cutey pretty hairbands. Eeerrr,,, not too important but Hey, it's cute isn't it?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask

My favorite face mask... Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
One thing that i like from this stuff is the minty effect on my face. The cooling feel really makes my skin calm, relax, and fresh. This is good for acne prone skin. It will help to healing the redness, the pimples, and big pores. Helps Dry Up Pimples, Rinse Away Blackheads and Shrink Enlarged Pores. Very great!

FOTD: Flaming Burn Eyes

Hot!!! Hot!!! Hot...
i made this looks had inspired by the fire, flames. The colors are so amaze me. Combination between red hot, burnt orange, light yellow. i thought it will be pretty if i apply those palette of the fire onto my eyes makeup. So, here's the look...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Review NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Hello Sunshine.... Hello Pretties...

Today i'm gonna share about this multifunction product. It's from NYX Cosmetics and its named are JUMBO EYE PENCIL. Why i called this "Multifunction"? Because, You can wear this as an eyeliner, eyeshadow (but you must apply e/s base first, for holding the staying power), or even as a e/s base. There's so many FOTD in my posted using this NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil as a e/s base. In my Opinion,when i used this as a e/s base, i know this isn't too good as the other e/s base like UDPP (Of course), Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX HD, Laura Mercier, NARS Smudge proof e/s Primer, and many more. The Jumbo Eye is good for just 3-4 hours. And if you had a very oily lids, maybe it couldn't hold well on you. And if you're getting wet like doing sport or else, maybe it will creasing so fast.
So i suggest it to wear when you're hanging out in the mall, or going to the coffee shop etc. So here's the product...

FOTD: One Eyes with Two Lips

Today i'm not in the mood to apply much makeup. Because a few weeks ago, my face was getting break out. So,i wasn't use foundation for awhile. So i decide to made a simple looks, but still it will makes me pretty and stunning *Blushing*. I could say that i'm a huge fan of bold eyes, and black eyeliner. Many FOTD that i posted was mostly used a black eyeliner. Whether it's blend with eyeshadow, or i used it alone. So, here i wanna share about my simple-bold-stunning black eyeliner with two different lipstick color. One i used "The Fuschia" lips which is give my total looks so modern-edgy-dare... And the other one i used "The Sweet Pink", which is give my total looks seems so feminine-girly-simple-fresh. Here it is,,,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

FOTD: Flying Like a Butterfly

This is beautiful...

I've inspired to be as pretty as the Butterfly. Look at the combination of green and fuschia. I can't explain  that was awesome. The color is bold, bright, and fresh. This colors palette perfect for bday party, or hangout with friends at night, or even garden party. i love it...
So i try to apply those color palette into my makeup. So here it is...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review Maybelline Gel Liner

Yesterday, i went to Mall Ciputra with my boyfriend. When i came in to Matahari Dept Store, i stopped at Maybelline counter. I was tempted to try their new Gel liner tester, but too bad, they hadn't have tester. So i bought one Gel liner in Black. So here's the product & the swatch..

Makeup diary's "Just because" giveaway!!

Who don't like giveaway? Uummm,,, i think everybody love it. So do i, i really interested with MakeupDiary's Giveaway in her blog. If you wanna see the complete info, Just go to the link i've give. So here it is...
The first winner will get this awesome stuffs!

The Second Winner will get this!

$50 MAC Gift Card*

And the third Winner will get this...

$25 MAC Gift Card*

Sooo.. Come Come Come to her blog MakeUp Diary

FOTD: Playing with Eyeliner

Today i'm not in the mood to wear eyeshadow. I feel a bit tired and i just wear black gel liner. But when i'm arrived at home, i was thinking to play eye makeup with eyeliners only. So here it is...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have a Nice Day

FOTD: Another Black Swan

i already had seen the movie, "BlackSwan" In my opinion, that movie was so good. Even it's a bit complicated plus mysterious, but i like it. One thing that i noticed about the movie is Natalie Portman's a.k.a Black Swan makeup. So i was inspired to make a look with that theme. Ok, now we'll see. Maybe my look not too similar, but at least i was try....

Monday, August 1, 2011

Review MakeUp Store Microshadow

i'm an eye shadow (e/s) addict. i love to collected all the e/s color from the various brand. As long as i like the color, the texture, the prices (LoL!), and the results. Basically, i'm not a sheer girl. I mean, i'm not a huge fan of sheer makeup like sheer blush, sheer e/s, sheer lipstick etc.

One thing that becomes a major concern in selecting e/s are:
- They have to be so pigmented. Because i love bold, smokey and dare eye makeup.
- They have to easy to glides/apply.
- The color must representative my personality.
- The color must be intense. I mean, what i see in the pan is what i get on my lids.
- The price must be affordable with my financial. Hahhahaah...

FOTD: Like a Fruit Punch

i don't know why, i really like to apply Dark purple (and also black) in my eyes. I love Smokey eyes. But Smokey not always be Black or Grey. So here i choose combination of the Purple and ShockingPink. And as you can see, i was so impress with the results. Very Pretty yet edgy. 

Ramadhan is Coming

HAPPY FASTING,,, People! God Bless You,,,

Review ELF & The Other kind of Brushes

"The perfect makeup start from the perfect brushes..."

Memang betul, bagus-tidaknya kuas sangat mempengaruhi hasil makeup kita. Di pasaran, banyak banget jenis-jenis brushes mulai dari yang kecil sampai yang gede (Kuasnya). Dan jenis bulunya juga beraneka ragam, begitu juga dengan kualitas (bulu) brush-nya. Ada sebuah kutipan begini...

"Splurge your money in a high quality brushes, because your healthy skin is your investment"

Soalnya, kuas yang bagus itu tidak akan merusak pori-pori atau struktur wajah kita. Karena, bila bulu kuas kasar, dia akan menggeser pori-pori dimuka kita dan jadinya pori-pori akan tampak besar (Wlpn dalam jangka waktu panjang siiih), tidak nyaman dipakai, dan produk tidak akan menempel sempurna pada kuas. Sehingga banyak produk yang terbuang. Bulu kuas yang baik terdiri dari dua macam:
1. Synthetic. Jenis ini terbuat dari bahan synthetic yg kualitasnya luar biasa halus.
2. Natural. Jenis ini terbuat dari bulu hewan seperti kuda poni, kambing dll.
Kuas yang berkualitas memang cenderung mahal. Tapi dia tidak akan sama sekali merusak kulit kita. So, why you should sacrifice your healhty & beautiful skin, just because a low-quality brushes? Sayang kan...
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