Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Vote ME" Contest by Sariayu Trend Warna 2011

Sariayu is an Indonesia local brand.
Sariayu, one of Indonesian make up brands, is currently holding a contest to create a makeup look based on their recently launched makeup collection called Exotic Indonesia.
As we all know, this brand has so much variety kind of makeup. And the color are so wonderful. The Contest opens from June 10th 2011 til July 22nd 2011. They want to launch their new themes like:

Petikan Sitar Collection with 'Sensual Glaze' look
Alun Serunai Collection with 'Natural Spicy' look
 Dendang Rebana collection with 'Romantic Dessert' look
 Denting Kecapi collection with 'Oriental Misty' look
Now, i wanna  share with you all the readers about mine. Above with those inspiration, i choose to try a make a look named "Pesona Lembayung Anggrek"
So here it is...

Then, i need your help to give me a vote Here you can sign in by your Twitter or Facebook account. Just go to Sariayu Contest And Upload your creative looks. There so many interesting prizes like iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry Gemini and Many more...

So, What are you waiting for? Cuuuusssss....


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