Friday, July 29, 2011

Review SLEEK eyeshadow Palette

i'm Happy!!!
You know what? Finally i had a SLEEK Makeup e/s palette. And i got 3 in a day. Super Happy...
i got The super edgy "Bad Girl" Palette. Glam-O-Rama Disco "Sparkle" & Colorful "Curacao" plus one blush "Pantao" (Limited Edition) but i don't wanna review about the blush now. i wanna review the e/s palette only. Review about the blush later. i will...
I really like this palettes. SLEEK has a black packaging with 12 e/s colors inside. It comes with a big mirror and sponge applicator too. it's not too bulky, so it's easily carried in a bag. I can say this palette is handy. But you must be careful if its fell and be broken (Mine has broken for one color, maybe it was thrown away while the stuffs was sent here..)
Here's the products & swatches...

Bad Girl Palette
Row1: Innocence. Gullible. Blade. GunMetal. Underground. Noir
Row2: Intoxicated. Envy. Obnoxious. Abyss. Twilight. Rebel

Sparkle Palette (Look at the broken silver... Sad!)
Row1: Cranberry. DreamMaker. Galactic. Twinkle. Starlight. Noir
Row2: Illusion. festive. Mistletoe. Glitz&Glamour. Gold Ribbon. Tinsel

Curacao Palette
Row1: TequilaSunrise. Martini. BlueHawaiian. BloodyMary. Screwdriver. GreenIguana
Row2: ApresMidori. BlueLagoon. PurpleHaze. GreenMartini. SingaporeSling. EspressoMartini

Here is the swatches...

Bad Girl

Curacao With Flash


Look.. How gorgeous they are!!! i'm so impress,,, Wew
So here's my review
- Very pigmented. Even when i apply them without e/s base
- What you see in the pan is what you'll get on your lids
- Easy to apply
- Affordable price
- The Shimmer is not too much. Pretty!
- The packaging is Sleek enough. Hehehe...

- A bit Chalky for some matte colors.
- You must be careful with the big mirror, it's fragile.

So, what do you think? For me, this e/s palettes was so worth to buy. You will get the good quality product with affordable price. i got this (4 items. it's 3 palettes and 1 blush) is just IDR370 (it's about $44. i got the discount for the broken Sparkle Palette). I bought this from Make Up Brush Shop

Will i repurchase again? For the "Bad Girl" Absolutely yess. Dats my favorite.... Edgy yet cool!


  1. SOOON, i'm gonna say hello with this babies :3 hehe

    thanks for the review, Catraaaa

  2. Gita:
    Better if you choose "Storm" Dats gonna be your HG palette. I guarantee ^_^

    Hahhahahhahhaahaha *Nebar Racun*


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