Friday, July 29, 2011

Review SLEEK Blush On

i have 2 blushes from SLEEK Makeup they're pantao (Orange-y color) and Pixie Pink (Candy pink color). They're both in matte. Its texture is powdery but not chalky.
Here they are...


With Flash

Pixie Pink

The Swatches...

Pantao. Sorry for the bad light

Pixie Pink

My Review...
Well, i love this blushes. They are so pretty on my cheeks. it could make me instantly fresh whether i wear Pantao or Pixie Pink. The difference is, Pantao gives more 'Summer Holiday' look. i was look like i'm in a Tropical Island and have a sun bathing. My cheeks glow like the sun touch it. Pixie Pink gives me a feminine girly looks. My cheeks seems like blushing. Really cute...

The Pros:
- Very Pigmented
- The packaging is so handy. And it comes with a mirror
- The texture is powdery but no chalky at all
- Its glides smooth when applied

The Cons:
- Eeeerrr,,,, nothing i think! LoL

Will i repurchase again? YES!!! But not for Pantao because it's Limited Edition.... Hiks!
On My Wishlist: Flamingo. Because the pinkish are soooooo damn pretty...

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