Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review NARS BlushOn

For this time, i wanna make a review about the beauty stuffs yang tentunya termasuk barang yang paling banyak diminati. What it is? BLUSH ON.... yay!
Blush on adalah beauty stuff yang bisa bikin wajah kita terlihat fresh dalam waktu singkat. Yup, it's really works in our tired face or pale face. Blush bisa dibilang sebagai benda penting yang harus selalu dibawa didalam make up case kita. Even kita keluar rumah tanpa bedak & lipstick sekalipun, sapuan blush pada apple cheek dapat merubah penampilan kita menjadi segar.

So, what's the main thing for choosing the right blush for us?
- Find the blush color that best approaching to the our original cheek color.
- Look our natural cheek color under the natural light like the sun for example.
- Pinch our cheeks until its redden, then you will know your natural cheek color. Hehehe...
- Find the good blush with good quality.
- Find the pigmented blush color. i mean, its color will hit our cheeks well just in a one swap. And its color must be so intense but still soft
The variety kind of blushes's texture:
- Matte
- Shimmer
- Satin
- Pearly
- Sheer
- Cream Blush

Why i choose NARS Blush? Because they have all the advantages I have described above. And the staying power is totally good. Even it's a bit pricey, the quality won't make you sorry..
So here's the product i had,,,

With Flash

Without Flash

Here's the swatch,,,

Orgasm. Gilda. Dolce Vita. Angelika
With Flash

Albatross. Angelika. Dolce Vita. Gilda. Orgasm

My Review:
- Albatross. it's a highlighter. Perfect to apply in a nose bridge, Brow bone and chin. its color reflect a hint of goldy pearly and the texture is great, it's velvety.

- Angelika. It's a Shimmer candy pink. It has a hint of gold & silver sparkle, and the pinkish color are so impress me. My cheeks become so bright and makes me look a bit girly ^_^ The texture is so soft, it's shimmer.

- Dolce Vita. The color is too dark for me. it's deep pink with a hint of red, and this is so pigmented. If you're not careful, the color will spill in to your cheek, and you will not looks natural. The texture is matte.

- Gilda. This is the best orange-coral-y blush. Very good to wear on Summer. you will be so instantly fresh without too much and the orange color will not make you look fake. Love it! The texture is matte.

- Orgasm. This is the one of the famous blush in the world. But for me, this is don't really works well on my cheeks. Basically, this is peachy blush with a hint of gold shimmer. it will be so pretty to combine with natural-bare-summer looks. It will make your cheeks glow, but, the peachy color doesn't come in me. I don't see any peachy color. it's just leaves the shimmer and my cheeks look oily. Bad! The texture is Satin-Shimmer.

So, What's your favorite NARS blushes? Me? Angelika & Gilda....

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