Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review MAD Mineral Indelible Gel Liners

We all know that using eyeliner in our bare eyes or bold / Smokey eyes can instantly makes our eyes look deeper, dramatic, beautiful, and even fun. Basically, i'm not a huge fan of liquid liner. i prefer using the pencil liner (But with the black wood on the pencil. i mean, like crayon... Uum i don't know how to explain. LoL)
But nowadays, i love using Gel liner. The point plus are:
- Gel liner is more easy to apply. Depend on what e/l brush we used.
- Gel liner has a good staying power
- It has more solid & vibrant color.
- More waterproof & smudgeproof.
- It's satin finish. Not matte nor too shiny. Perfect!
- It's more precise in our lash line...

Chocolate Mousse-Endangered-Blackout With Flash

After i was trying so many brand of Gel liner. My favorite goes to MAD MINERAL INDELIBLE GEL LINER. i bought it at Niqita Shop a few month ago. it just IDR100 with a high quality product. So well price isn't it? So here is the products...

The Swatches...
With Flash
Without Flash

Well, i must say one more time, MAD Mineral Indelible Waterproof Gel Liner is a worth product to buy. You never regret, you will satisfied.
So here's the other color option...

Black Cherry  - Black with flecks of red/burgundy shimmer
Black Out  - Classic basic black
Chocolate Mousse  - Medium deep brown
Endangered  - Rich Green
Ivy League  - Mid -tone shimmering olive/khaki green
Magnetism  - Shimmery black with a hint of gold
Marcasite  - Shimmery charcoal with a hint of steel blue tones

Oceanic- Vivid cobalt blue
Peacock- Aqua teal green with a hint of shimmer
Penny  - Shimmering bronzed copper penny
Scuba Dive  - Deep navy blue
Tanzanite- A deep mauve russet toned pearl
Tidal Wave-  Soft shimmering blue steel
Venomous- Vivid purple

*Credit: Their Website


  1. cakep banget ya say MAD ini >_< teksturnya blackout sama chocolate mousse lebih enak mana? denger-denger teksturnya mad gel liner beda2 ya?

    kalo liquid linernya pernah coba ?? :)

  2. ChinoChan: Hehhee..
    Iyaa kalo MAD Mineral ini katanya sih teksturnya beda2. Ada yg enak ada yg nggak.
    Tapi blackout sm choco-mousse sih enak2 aja deh. Nggak begitu ngeh juga siiih...


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