Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Double ended brush from Sephora Singapore

I fell in love at the first sight. As you may see, this brush is super cute! It can used for powder and blush or bronzer. Yes, let's say this brush is dual function. Great!

i bought this brush with ordered by my sister when she's trip to Singapore. This brush was from Sephora Singapore. Actually, i can say that this brush is cute. it's double ended brush (For powder/bronzing & Blush/contouring) and its red! But, i don't like the bristles. it didn't soft at all. And it shed so much. The bristle is really not feel good when touched my skin. Too bad for about S$35. it's not cheap, and the quality was so poor. Hiks,, Compare with another brushes out there with a cheapest prices but the greatest quality of the bristles, i really regret this. i had so much expectation with it, and now i'm a bit disappointed.

So maybe this brush will only be a cutey display on my storage. hahhahaha.... Because me don't likey honestly.

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