Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Famous Beauty Blender

I'm sure, every beauty bloggers out there are really crave about this one. i was initially not so interested about this product. First, the price was very expensive. Second, there's so many dupes with the lowest price than this. So, i bought the dupes. Hehhehe..

In Indonesia, this Beauty Blender valued around IDR270 until IDR325 (get 2 sponges & cleaner sample) it's about $30-$40... Geez how expensive it was!
But finally i got this just IDR100 (it's about $11) in Market Plaza's FemaleDaily Bazaar (The event was held in Kemang Village 16th-17th July 2011).
When i try this cutey pink sponge, then i know how good this! it's Latex free. The Sponge is soooooo soft and puffy. Plus, it's perfect for applying foundation, cream blush, BB Cream and the other liquid product. It will makes your makeup smooth on your face, and its glides well when applied. Love that!!!
Now i wonder how this product could be so expensive. You must try first, then you'll know the reason. Hhehehe...

You can get it here (For online order only): Beauty Blender Sponge

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