Friday, July 22, 2011

Review Bobbi Brown Blush on "Nectar"

Yesterday, i bought this one. i would say that this awesome. I initially didn't want to buy it, but i tried it on my cheeks,, weeeewwww i was fascinated to see it. Beautiful!!! So here it is, my new baby...

Bobbi Brown Blush on "Nectar"

With Flash

Without Flash

Here is the swatches...

Look how pretty it is!
The first thing that i like about this product is it's very pigmented. i just need one swap on my cheeks than the color has already hit my cheeks. Yes it does! it definitely makes me look so fresh yet feminine. Because the color is rosey pink with blue undertone. So, it will match with me who had a neutral skin tone (i'm warm and also cool, with yellow undertone) But i think, everyone can wear this. Whether you are white skin or dark skin. Bcause its color isn't too dominant to the certain skin tone. Maybe this color is neutral, or maybe this is too beautiful to pass up ;p

So, i said this is my HG. i'm satisfied even that its price isn't not cheap. it's about IDR290 ($23) Hmmm,, but if i see the result, that's worth to buy ^_^ Maybe the prices will be more cheap if you buy at Online Shop. Heheehee

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