Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOTD: Have a nice Sunday ^_^

This is Me...
This photo has taken by Desly Arnaz in her house. She's a good photograph, and she makes my photo become so good. i Love the blue eyes. It's so fresh yet elegant. Perfect for hangout with friends in the afternoon, or even dating with my boyfriend at night. Because blue color is a wearable.
So here's me!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

FOTD: Curacao Palette Part II

Another FOTD (Face Of The Day) using my lovely SLEEK Curacao palette.
i made a look with the green and blue color.. It will instantly makes or makeup seems so fresh.

Review Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki Brush

For the first time i see this in Beauty Blog and Google image, i just falling in Love. i said this is my "Love at the first sight" Hehheeehe..... But at that time i doubt to buy because i wasn't sure about the quality. i'm afraid if i will disappoint with my "Love at the first sight", so i just see it by picture.
Then, i can't handle it anymore. i decide to order it by PO, and now it's on my hand. When the first time i see in real and touch it and feel it, i'm more deep in Love with. Hahahhaah...
Here's my new baby!

FOTD: Curacao Palette Part I

Curacao Palette from SLEEK Makeup has a variety kind of bright colors. That's reminds me with Summer Holiday at Ibiza or Hawaii. So festive! i can feel the freshness when i applied one of this color. My eyes seems so fun yet colorful. And it could increase my mood.
Here i am...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Review SLEEK Blush On

i have 2 blushes from SLEEK Makeup they're pantao (Orange-y color) and Pixie Pink (Candy pink color). They're both in matte. Its texture is powdery but not chalky.
Here they are...

FOTD: The Bad Girl

Here i am, 
it's me with my dark navy eyes. This look is so dramatic. it's perfect for evening party but for me it also good to everyday used. Because basically, i like Dark-Smokey eyes.

Review SLEEK eyeshadow Palette

i'm Happy!!!
You know what? Finally i had a SLEEK Makeup e/s palette. And i got 3 in a day. Super Happy...
i got The super edgy "Bad Girl" Palette. Glam-O-Rama Disco "Sparkle" & Colorful "Curacao" plus one blush "Pantao" (Limited Edition) but i don't wanna review about the blush now. i wanna review the e/s palette only. Review about the blush later. i will...
I really like this palettes. SLEEK has a black packaging with 12 e/s colors inside. It comes with a big mirror and sponge applicator too. it's not too bulky, so it's easily carried in a bag. I can say this palette is handy. But you must be careful if its fell and be broken (Mine has broken for one color, maybe it was thrown away while the stuffs was sent here..)
Here's the products & swatches...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOTD: Glamorous Bronze

Good Mowrniiinngg Sunshine...
Here i come, i wanna share my FOTD with my bronze color. This is good for evening party. Perfect for graduation, or wedding party. Because the shades of bronze is provides more a glamorous looks. Especially if the bronze combine with earthy tone color like dark chocolate, gold, shimmer brown, beige, sand etc. it will look more special and beautiful.
And the point plus is this bronze color can fit with any skintone color. Like Warm & Cool. From light-medium-dark skin. And of course neutral skintone. Because this bronze is include the on of earthy color so it's natural shade and everyone can wear it...

Review NARS BlushOn

For this time, i wanna make a review about the beauty stuffs yang tentunya termasuk barang yang paling banyak diminati. What it is? BLUSH ON.... yay!
Blush on adalah beauty stuff yang bisa bikin wajah kita terlihat fresh dalam waktu singkat. Yup, it's really works in our tired face or pale face. Blush bisa dibilang sebagai benda penting yang harus selalu dibawa didalam make up case kita. Even kita keluar rumah tanpa bedak & lipstick sekalipun, sapuan blush pada apple cheek dapat merubah penampilan kita menjadi segar.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FOTD: i'm a Superhero

Like everybody know, Superhero is the important character in every action movies. He can win with the enemy, save the world and now i want to try to be a superman. No, i won't save the world or fight with the mutant or something. LOL! i just wanna try makeup with the color inspired by Superman. Yay....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FOTD: Red Alert!

Dark eyes. Bright red lips. Bold lashes. So 60's....
Classy, elegant, extravaganza, fascinating... it's all i put in my makeup. Perfect for party, pre-wed photo or graduation...
Here's the look!

How to get a Flawless Skin

Seringkali kita ngeliat wajah model-model di majalah kliatan mulus tanpa cela. Their wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circle eyes, acne, dan flek hitam nyaris tidak terlihat. Well, what's the secret underneath it all?
So i wanna share with you all tentang flawless face ini..

Pada dasarnya, kulit yang sehat dimulai dari perawatan dasar yang baik. Contohnya:

- Selalu dan tidak lupa cleanse your face twice a day dengan pembersih muka yang sesuai dan cocok dengan kondisi kulit muka.
- Berikan toner/astringent/lotion setelah membersihkan muka. Ini salah satu hal sepele dan sering dilewatkan. Padahal, mereka punya peranan penting untuk kesehatan kulit. Toner/astringent/lotion itu bisa mengangkat sel kulit mati, mencerahkan, menenangkan kulit, dan mengangkat sisa-sisa kotoran yang tidak terangkat oleh facial foam.
- Scrub your face at least once a week. Scrub bisa menggantikan sel kulit mati menjadi baru.
- Moisten your face even yours is oily skin. Untuk si pemilik kulit kombinasi-berminyak, pilih yang bahan dasarnya air atau gel. Karena tekturnya ringan dan cepat meresap.
- Use Sunblock with minimal SPF15. Karena, sinar matahari diatas jam10 pagi merupakan salah satu pemicu segala macam kerusakan kulit like flek hitam, kerut, kusam, bahkan kanker kulit. Hiiiiyy serem kan?

Itu dari segi treatment. Now i wanna share dari segi makeup... The key to have a flawless skin is just one. You have to find the perfect complexion for your skin. What is complexion? 
Complexion is the basic range of makeup. It's consist of Primer-Foundation-Concealer-Loose Powder.
It doesn't matter of what blush on or mascara or lipstick or eye shadow that you used. But don't ever wrong when choosing the right complexion. Because if you choose the wrong the complexion, it will destroy your whole make up. So splurge your money in the right complexion.

Bagaimana mengaplikasikan basic makeup yang benar? i'm gonna tell you...
After you cleansing your face from dirt, apply your favorite moisturizer as well. Then:
- Use face primer before apply the other. Primer will set your foundation and make it more easy to blend, and can flatten your skin color
- Take the foundation then put in the back of your hand, then dab it with stippling brush, foundie brush, or blender sponge.
- Apply the foundie onto your face with circulation to the whole face and neck
- Conceal your dark area like under eye, chin, or other darker area. Tap it with your ring finger. Because ring finger is the right way to dissipate heat so the products can blend well
- Apply your favorite loose powder with a big powder brush. Use it gently all over your face and neck.

Voila!!! Now you have a very flawless look...

*My favorite Product* --> In my Opinion
Facial Foam : Clinique Liquid Facial Foam - Step1
Toner : Clinique Clarifying Lotion2 (For Combination Skin) - Step2
Moisturizer : Clinique Dramatically Different Moist Gel - Step3
Sunblock : Biore UV Face Milk. So powdery. Not thick, not sticky, non greasy. Perfect!!!
Primer : Make Up For Ever (MUFE) All Matt
Foundie : MUFE Matt Velvet
Concealer : MAC Studio Fix Concelaer
Loose Powder : NARS

Monday, July 25, 2011

FOTD: Happy Summer with Blue-Green-Yellow eyes

Hello There,,,,
What the first thing on your mind when you heard the words "Summer"? Beach. Bikini. FlipFlop. Tanning skin. Big SunGlasses. Fruit punch. Wew...... it's all good stuffs. Hangout with friends. Have a romantic moment with boyfie. Awesome....

FOTD: Orchidee Looks

Do you know Orchid? The very mysterious flower yet beautiful. It has so pretty color like purple and pink gradation. So i've got inspired to apply those pretty color palette in to my makeup. Orchidee is the one of the beautiful flower in the world. It has so many variety kind of Orchidee family.
So, this is the orchid...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review NYX Round lipstick & Matte Lipstick

NYX has a variety kind of lips product. One of them, i like Round lipstick and Matte lipstick. Maybe next i wil try Black Label lipstick (BLL) Why i'm not too interested with BLL? Because its color is too sheer. i'm not a big fans of sheer-frost-satin lipstick. i like full coverage lipstick...
So here's the product

Review MAD Mineral Indelible Gel Liners

We all know that using eyeliner in our bare eyes or bold / Smokey eyes can instantly makes our eyes look deeper, dramatic, beautiful, and even fun. Basically, i'm not a huge fan of liquid liner. i prefer using the pencil liner (But with the black wood on the pencil. i mean, like crayon... Uum i don't know how to explain. LoL)
But nowadays, i love using Gel liner. The point plus are:
- Gel liner is more easy to apply. Depend on what e/l brush we used.
- Gel liner has a good staying power
- It has more solid & vibrant color.
- More waterproof & smudgeproof.
- It's satin finish. Not matte nor too shiny. Perfect!
- It's more precise in our lash line...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Freelance MakeUp Artist

Hello lovelies...
i just wanna offer you something about me. i'm a freelance MUA, so you can come to me and i will make you look fabulous. Just lemme know..
Email: catra [dot] bintangkecil [at] gmail [dot] com
or you can text me: +62856 814 7666

i'm using the high good products. i can do any makeup job as your request. Pre-wed, photoshoot, graduation, party, and many more... Well, thx for your attention!
See yaaaa....

Catra Samoedro

Review Loreal HIP eyeshadow "Charisma"

Last week i bought this product at FemaleDaily MP day. i only paid IDR30 for this good stuff. i think this is good. Why? Because the color is so pretty as well and pigmented enough. Especially if i put e/s base before..
First, here's my FOTD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Review Bobbi Brown Blush on "Nectar"

Yesterday, i bought this one. i would say that this awesome. I initially didn't want to buy it, but i tried it on my cheeks,, weeeewwww i was fascinated to see it. Beautiful!!! So here it is, my new baby...

Bobbi Brown Blush on "Nectar"

FOTD: Another Green Eyes

It's me today...
I wanna told you, i really love my jacket. i wear it [almost] everyday. it's from Pull and Bear Yes,, it's so comfort to wore. And easy to mix & match with the other clothes. LoveLoveLove it...
So here it is, Face of the Day.. Yay!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

E.L.F Haul!!!

Yeay... Akhirnya datang jugaaaaa...
My ELF Makeup has arrive. After i ordered from korinne Shoppa a few month ago, akhirnyaaa haul aku datang. Here they are...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FOTD: Silvery Eyes with a black Wings

i wanna post my FOTD. Yay.. Yay Excited!
Today i wear silver e/s with a touch of black for the wings effect. i really like this looks, because Smokey Eyes is my favorite makeup besides summer bronzy looks. This look is perfect for evening party or Clubbing. Because the eye makeup is sooo bold and edgy. It will more fabulous if you wear pale pink or nude lipstick. Plus, if you wanna get a very special & glam look add a glitter eyeliner over the black eyeliner, or dab a lil glitter in the Outer V. Voila!
So, Here it is...

Sharing Time

Everyone knows, find a perfect & right foundation is hard and takes a long time. Entah itu keputihan, nggak nge-blend dengan baik di muka kita, atau terlalu gelap, dsb. So i wanna share with you all about Finding the right foundation shades.
Pertama yang harus dilakukan sebelum membeli sebuah foundie adalah Know your skin tone.

Skin tone kita terdiri dari Warm. Cool. Neutral
What's the difference between a "skin tone" and an "undertone"? Good question! Often, when people talk about "skin tone" they are really referring to whether someone is light/fair, medium, or dark complected. When people say "undertone" they usually mean being "cool" or "warm". You can have cool undertones and any depth of color to your skin, in other words, you can be fair and cool, medium in shade and cool, or dark complected and cool. The same holds true for warm skin, which can be found in the fairest of fair and the darkest of brown skins.

Tipe skin tone ini berbasis kepada elemen tanah dan api. Tipe ini mengandung unsur hangat kepada kita. Biasanya, make up yang tepat adalah dengan mengunakan palet warna dari elemen tersebut. Misalnya, warna tembaga. Bronze. Coklat dengan gradasinya. Hijau. Orange/Teraccota. Kuning kunyit. dsb..
Tipe skin tone ini berbasis kepada elemen Air dan Udara. Tipe ini mengandung unsur dingin kepada kita. Make up yang tepat bagi si pemilik Cool Skin tone adalah warna-warna dengan palet warna Silver. Abu-abu muda. Biru dengan gradasinya. Ungu dengan gradasinya. Pink. dsb...

 Cool vs Warm

So what is "cool" and what is "warm"? Well, folks with cool complexions have blue undertones in their skin, while warm complexions are usually more yellow.
If you're still not sure, lets talk jewelry. Do you look best in silver (platinum!) or in gold jewelry? If you're not positive which is best on you, wear some gold jewelry and show your best friend or mom (someone who will be honest). Then show him/her your silver jewelry. Which makes your skin look more radiant? Which really shines on you? Usually people with cool undertones really look their best in silver/white metals, while those with warm undertones show off the best in gold/yellow metals.
Or You may have neutral skin, meaning you look equally good in cool and warm colors. Lucky you!

Hal tersebut sangat memepengaruhi dalam pemilihan foundation yang tepat buat kita. Selanjutnya yang harus kita kenali adalah Undertones kulit kita. Ada dua macam basic undertones: Yellow & Pink. Tapi pada dasarnya kita semua memiliki 'kadar' Yellow atau Pink tersebut.

Well, untuk mendapatkan shades foundation yang tepat memang tidak semudah mencari nail polish yang kita suka. Perlu waktu dan survey agar kita tdk kecewa nantinya. Lebih baik, mencoba foundation dibawah sinar yang natural seperti di bawah sinar matahari. Bisa saja kita apply foundie ke punggung tangan atau dagu, lalu kita keluar mall sebentar untuk melihat apakah warnanya menyatu dengan warna kulit kita. Dan jangan sekali2 mencoba foundie di bawah lampu kuning ala2 runaway (atau traincase yang berlampu itu loohh..) karena, lampu kuning justru 'menipu' makeup sehingga terlihat jauh lebih menarik. LoL!

Okay, Selamat mencoba! i will post review about my good foundation soon...

Haul at Market Plaza day by FemaleDaily

Weekend kemarin (Sabtu/Minggu, 16-17 July 2011) ada event bagus bgt di Kemang Village. Acara yang diselenggarain sama FemaleDaily yang bernama Market Plaza Day. Disana dijual berbagai macam barang like makanan, baju2, dan MakeUp!!!
The best thing is,, harganya tidak mahal alias murah & kebanyakan yang dijual adalah barang2 yang jarang atau bahkan tidak ada di Indonesia T_T
So, i wanna share the haul that i found overthere...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here i am

My Skin:
- Combination. Oily in T-Zone Area, & Normal-Dry in other.
- Skin Tone Neutral / Yellow Undertone
- Medium skin
(from the MAC reference i'm NC35)
- Not too acne prone. Except if i'm nearly to my period time
My Hair:
- Thick texture
- Oily in the root, and a bit dry in the bottom
- Dark Brown
My Eyes:
- Natural Dark Brown

i'm Asian. I'm Indonesian.

Catra Samoedro

The Cutey Pink Brush Collection

Here is the products...

MakeUp Job: for Biyan's Show June 2011

i'm so exciting for accept this Job. O My God, it's such an honor to be a Biyan's makeup team at Hotel Mulia, Senayan. Lead by Adrian Suryapradipa Professional MUA, and Wilson Sing as a Beauty Director, i have an opportunity to join with the team... So here it was

Catra in Action.

The Looks. Silvery Eyes Concept

Model: Retty

The Show...

The Show, at Hotel Mulia Ballroom, Senayan...

Well, the themes it's all about Traditional Chinese. And i agree that BIYAN is such a wonderful Indonesia Designer. His work were totally gorgeous. Speechless...

Two Thumbs Up for Biyan!!!!

Review Urban Decay NAKED Palette

Everyone knows how good, wearable, pretty, and Natural UD Naked Palette was...
its color are everyday use, and absolutely pigmented. You can create a Smokey Look (Using the dark color like Gun metal, Hustle, Creep) Or Natural Look.

"Vote ME" Contest by Sariayu Trend Warna 2011

Sariayu is an Indonesia local brand.
Sariayu, one of Indonesian make up brands, is currently holding a contest to create a makeup look based on their recently launched makeup collection called Exotic Indonesia.
As we all know, this brand has so much variety kind of makeup. And the color are so wonderful. The Contest opens from June 10th 2011 til July 22nd 2011. They want to launch their new themes like:

Petikan Sitar Collection with 'Sensual Glaze' look
Alun Serunai Collection with 'Natural Spicy' look
 Dendang Rebana collection with 'Romantic Dessert' look
 Denting Kecapi collection with 'Oriental Misty' look
Now, i wanna  share with you all the readers about mine. Above with those inspiration, i choose to try a make a look named "Pesona Lembayung Anggrek"
So here it is...

Then, i need your help to give me a vote Here you can sign in by your Twitter or Facebook account. Just go to Sariayu Contest And Upload your creative looks. There so many interesting prizes like iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry Gemini and Many more...

So, What are you waiting for? Cuuuusssss....

The Famous Beauty Blender

I'm sure, every beauty bloggers out there are really crave about this one. i was initially not so interested about this product. First, the price was very expensive. Second, there's so many dupes with the lowest price than this. So, i bought the dupes. Hehhehe..

FOTD: Green Eyes

Do you like green? Yes i do...
Especially for the green eyes. It can instantly makes your eyes looks bold, elegant (if you wear dark green), fresh (if you use light green) and edgy. So this is my FOTD...

Double ended brush from Sephora Singapore

I fell in love at the first sight. As you may see, this brush is super cute! It can used for powder and blush or bronzer. Yes, let's say this brush is dual function. Great!


Welcome for my new beauty blog. i really excited to make this. Even that i have my old blog before My other's blog but now i wanna focus with the topics that i will share.
in this blog, of course i wanna share about MakeUp & Beauty as much as i can. Plus the tips for your daily or base routine, makeup, the products, and many more.
But, because my English isn't too good, maybe  i will write the article with Indonesian (You all may Thank God with Google Translate. LOL!!)
Okay, one more time, Welcome to my blog... i'm happy for spreading the beauty and happiness with all the girls world wide.
Happy reading & Thank You for Visiting... *Muuaaaahhh*
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